The rate of racially disproportionate arrests has risen since Colorado legalized recreational cannabis, according to a newly-released report from the Colorado Department of Public Health.

This film is a thinly held together expose-style film that played to audiences of millions in the 1940’s.

The Devil's Harvest

When you need to burn some bud and are absolutely out of everything, fear not. Watch this guy make one of the tiniest pipes around.

While the victories on the medical front have been since been steady, 2016 looks to be the year in which legalization truly comes into the mainstream.

What’s better than a bit of juice and some great cannabis? Making a juice box bubbler is easy and great for a discreet way to enjoy some fine herb anywhere you go.

Juice Box Bubbler

Check out Krishna Andavolu’s analysis of marijuana migrants involved with the Colorado green rush, in the third episode of Vice’s “Weediquette”.

Marijuana Migrants

Marijuana and hops are very similar in appearance and sometimes smell. But do the similarities go deeper?

Where does the road lead for the burgeoning industry already employing thousands and raking in billions? All indications point to one direction: Up.

BuzzFeedYellow shows normalized stock photos of cannabis users doing what they do best, living a normal life while enjoying the herb.

Saying this bust was a tough nut to crack would be an overstatement.

Now you can show your support for Bernie by purchasing Everybody Bern! rolling papers.

Laws are changing regarding crowdfunding in the cannabis industry – keep your eyes on these 5 campaigns.

Finding a glass piece that exudes that rare and magical quality can, at times, be as hard as say, finding a unicorn.

Since 1999, hundreds and even thousands of people gather on the streets of major cities across the globe to publicly protest current anti-cannabis policies.

Master Bong takes us inside a trim room where he shows us how to roll a hash tube. The process is simple, but the resulting high is spectacular!

hash tube

In celebration of Astronomy Day today, these out-of-this-world cannabis strains are sure to deliver a spacey high.

A CBS poll that was released last month was the first to reveal that majority of women are on board to end prohibition.

The major obstacle to financial institutions dealing with cannabis businesses has been the federal prohibition on cannabis.

Check out this how-to video that shows the making of a percolator bong, and decide if you think it’s the best ever.

Percolator Bong

Master Bong has come up with a genius idea on what to do with your leftover chocolate, and that’s to create a chocolate bong.

chocolate bong

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