Can you handle the third dimension of joint smoking? Find out with this awesome cube joint tutorial video.

cube joint

The lengths some people will go to avoid getting busted by their parents is always hilarious, but in this video the awkwardness gets taken to a whole new level.

This mother and son are about to experience their first hilarious high together.

Toronto’s dense population and relaxed legislation have helped make it Canada’s newest marijuana super city.

There is a popular belief among cannabis users that smoking out of tin foil or aluminum foil is dangerous to your health. Where did this belief come from? Is it true?

If you are a bud smoker, and you have been itching to try concentrates, but want to know what to expect, then this video is a great mouth-watering breakdown.

Heading to Australia for some sun, surf, and smoke? Then be ready, because they have some of the best herb around.

Begin to imagine yourself smoking a joint while driving your Hempmobile, powered by the compost from your last hemp or marijuana crop.


There’s nothing like a good Indica for relaxation, and allowing you to ease into a good night’s rest.

While Big Tobacco is banned from giving back, cannabis companies are banding together, organizing philanthropies and outreach programs to help local communities.

We all know that with this Pringles steamroller, once you pop, you can’t stop.

Pringles Steamroller

Thanks to provisions of the new medical marijuana law, these state universities can now perform hemp and cannabis research.

This super stealth tire gauge pipe is perfect for on the go, and easy to modify from a standard tire gauge you can buy for only a couple dollars.

tire gauge pipe

Check out how medical marijuana can benefit America’s Veterans in the heart-wrenching episode of VICE’s “Weediquette” in episode 2, Stoned Vets.

Marijuana Migrants

Elephants have been revered throughout history. The Hindu god Ganesh, the remover of obstacles, has the head of an elephant.

Master Bong is back at it again with a how-to video tutorial for making your own Life Savers pipe from the legendary candy.

life savers pipe

A shocking example of social prejudices, even in states where medical marijuana is legal.

In this video, a few lucky guys get to test out the hotboxing-clearing air filtration of a stellar ride, the Tesla model X.

air filtration

The Global Marijuana March is being held worldwide, every weekend in the month of May. We’ve got the schedule covered, check it out here.

global marijuana march

There’s no point keeping your relationship with marijuana a secret. It’s time to be loud and proud!

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