Canadian dispensaries are under threat as Vancouver begins a crackdown on unlicensed vendors.

Canadian Dispensaries

After High Times circulated a petition demanding pot prisoners be freed, social media users showed their support in the best way they know how.

Pot Prisoners

This Backwood blunt uses 125 grams of Vanilla Kush and 12 grams of White Fire rosin. If you can make a blunt this big, it’s time to congratulate yourself.

Backwood blunt

If you want to move into a higher state of consciousness and head to a galaxy far far away, then the UFO joint is for you.

ufo joint

The young snowboarding stars were also minors, and the Ski Association of Japan (SAJ) is taking it a bit further than expected.

Snowboarding Stars

Check out this video of some countries that have embraced progressive drug reform, all while making the U.S. war on drugs look childish.

One of the biggest detractors from legalization is the public sentiment that it will lead to easier teen access to cannabis.

teen access

Not only does George Zimmer openly express support for marijuana legalization, he also discussed his own history with cannabis.

support for marijuana legalization

The Prince of Pot, Marc Emery, is a legend in the fight to legalize cannabis. Now, the Emery’s have opened a dispensary in Vancouver.

Prince Of Pot

The use of the holy herb can certainly lead to an experience that profoundly changes one’s outlook on life and the world around them.

Holy Herb

This handy walk-through guide should help even new to the scene smokers buy their first bong, and find a match made in Heaven.

first bong

2Chainz forays into the world of over-the-top luxuries, including epic smoking gear, and gets a glimpse of what the super-rich can spend their millions on.

The only thing better than being interviewed about being high while actually high? Meeting a cute and chill sloth! Watch these stoned people make a new best friend.

The High Guys set out to take on an epic, 200-slice, pizza challenge, facing off against a team of drunk opponents.

If you need an ace in your pro-cannabis arguments, when people cry about a lack of hard evidence, there is only one number you need to know.

United States Patent 6630507

Maybe these aren’t the kinds of things that people would admit to their friends, but thanks to anonymous secret posting, we can find out all.

If you find yourself in the mood for a creative way to enjoy the herb with your coffee this morning, why not smoke out of a bread baguette pipe?

Check out the first of Krishna Andavolu’s journey through cannabis culture in the excellent series, “Weediquette”.

Marijuana Migrants

This Playboy video is worth watching to learn insights about the history of these two substances.

Relax. We’re not talking about rolling doobies with your dog, or seeing “pretty colors” with your cat, but cannabis-containing edible treats and capsules that are meant for sick or aging pets.

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