Weed smokers often have incredible engineering skills. Rework your old gaming controllers like these inventors.

What happens when you use a gravity bong with some super sticky moonrocks? Check out this video to find out.

For example, did you know that until 1951, cannabis grew wild all over Brooklyn? Check out these 20 crazy cannabis facts and stun your friends this 420.

cannabis facts

So curl up by the fire, roast a bowl, and watch some of our favorite cannabis movies, including some less-well-known gems for your toking entertainment!

As one of the original homes of legal marijuana, Oregon has some exciting things planned to celebrate 420.


420 is one holiday you’ll want to do right. Here are a few survival essentials you’ll want to grab before the big day arrives.

This is the one-ounce cannon joint – meaning it weighs an entire ounce. Watch this video to find out exactly how to roll it!

Our third installment from Tom Huth, a former Washington Post reporter and the author of the memoir Forty Years Stoned: A Journalist’s Romance, to be published on 4/20 by Heliotrope Books.

The world’s perspective on marijuana has been changing quickly in the past couple of years, so the time is ripe for the old stoner stereotype to start fading away.


Honey blunts are… well… delicious and amazing. If a joint is the basis of your smoking knowledge, consider this to be your secondary education. Learn how to make one with this video!

Honey Blunt

Gather round children. Today we get to learn how to roll a blunt with a glass filter tip.

roll a blunt

Now you can admire the crystals around your buds as well as on them, after all, as cannabis lovers, we are quite multi-faceted!

If you want to smoke out in plain view but don’t want the attention, then you need to make one of my favorite go-to smoking solutions, the Secret Agent.

secret agent

Talk about not wasting that hit! Fernando De La Rocque of Rio De Janiero paints using marijuana smoke and stencils.

Marijuana Smoke

These celebs are taking advantage of their status and love of the herb to promote positive change for marijuana movement, both recreationally and medically.

The High Times-sponsored Cypress Hill concert is the Cannabis Cup’s lone Colorado event, so why has it just moved to a much smaller venue?

High Times Cannabis Cup

All along the East Coast, one of the connecting threads for all of the pro-cannabis rallies will be a massive joint-shaped torch, inspired by the Olympic torch.

Pro-Cannabis Rallies

A hero has finally brought together every toker’s favorite activities: eating pizza and smoking weed. Introducing the pizza box pipe.

Crafted from hemp, the new BAIT and Adidas “Happy 420” Skateboarding Stan Smith Vulc shoe has arrived in time to celebrate 420. “Shut up and take my money!”

adidas happy

From the informative to the infamous; the infuriating to the inspiring, here are 10 of the biggest events in herb history, enjoy!

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