Find yourself with some great flower but no way to grind it up? Check out these 4 handy grinder alternatives.

Mexico decriminalize marijuana

Wherever you may have been or whoever you might have been with, your first time getting high story is certainly one for the books.

Snoop Dogg has launched a new series of videos called “Highly Productive” to fight against the typical stoner stereotypes.

Bring your smoking game to a new level with this quick video tutorial on how to master 3 of the most popular smoke tricks out there!

It is being found to be an effective medicine for a variety of ailments. It doesn’t give you a hangover. It makes sex even better. How can you bad-mouth something with that kind of reputation?

Spring is here, so let’s celebrate it with some nature-inspired glass art!

This smoke trick compilation video introduces some talented individuals who practically make art while they smoke.

Check out these 7 female DC and Marvel comics superhero and supervillain named strains.

While it is illegal, as long as you don’t make a nuisance of yourself, or arouse suspicion, you can generally find the good green.

Are you looking to go to an all-out amazing cannabis event this year? It’s time for the 5th Annual DOPE Cup in Washington state.

Being a (fake) nun doesn’t preclude you from menstrual cramps or smoking cannabis to deal with said cramps.

For the following people, it appears that the weed they found may have been a bit too accessible.

Josh from StrainCentral makes and takes a large dab made up of 6 different Rosins.

It happened and I inhaled at DINK the first annual independent comic and art expo held in Denver, Colorado this past March 25th – 26th.


This joint contains an entire ounce of weed in it. And this video is an instructional on how to make it. Beware, this is no regular joint!

Big Pharma crook Martin Shkreli is dissed by WU TANG’s Ghostface Killah after making puns at the rapper on TMZ.

Check out this video to see a guy use nothing but his hands, some weed and a lighter to get high! You’ve probably never tried this!

Watch to see how many many bong hits Josh from StrainCentral can do in one breath.

In her YouTube video, SilencedHippie shows viewers what a mason jar bong is and how to set it up for the ultimate toke.

You asked for it and the Snoopy D.O. Double G delivered. Check out the debut of Snoop Dogg’s official Planet Earth series with Squirrel vs. Snake, the chronic edition.

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