Here are 7 reasons why vaping is the way of the future, but #7 is the reason the ultimate reason why it won’t be stopped!

Here we break down 10 common mistakes that new stoners often make, using info from experienced dispensary owners.

Want good relations with your weed dealer? You’ll never p*** them off ever again after reading these 7 things!

Which Ex-President smuggled weed? You’ll be shocked when you find out!

Obama had commuted more sentences that Reagan and both Bush presidents combined, and that was six months ago with a total of 43. More recently, he has commuted the sentences of over 6000 other prisoners.

With the seemingly endless ways to get high these days, it’s easy to forget about our humble beginnings. So when you roll up your grass and pass it around, we want to know, how do you hold your joint?

O’Shaughnessy’s instructions on how to make tinctures and extracts of cannabis were widely hailed as a wonder drug for some of the 19th century’s worst illnesses. His treatment procedures spread throughout Europe and America, and he was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society.

Weed gadgets just get cooler and cooler in these “high times” we’re living in. Check out 5 of them here.

We look at five of the top reasons why smoking marijuana can take you out of the gloom of depression and despair after losing someone close to you.

Tough love can go a long way, but sometimes it isn’t always the answer.

The first man to extract THC, Dr. Raphael Mechoulam’s research is changing medical perceptions on marijuana around the world.

An instructional video on how to make firecracker edibles – the easiest edibles to make!

Can you guess what famous actress dealt with famous rapper Snoop Dogg? The answer may surprise you!

A group of Stanford students got access to one of the earliest forms of the internet and you won’t believe what they did.

Do you have those friends that try and tell you the exact smell, taste or texture of your weed? Do they make fun of you for not understanding why terpenes make a difference? Then you know a weed snob.

There’s no doubt that we’ve become a more open and accepting society. But, when it comes to media and advertising cannabis industry, are we still lagging behind?

With Kanye asking everyone for money, maybe one of these bongs will fit his budget.

A funny and inspiring video of illusions to make your brain hurt a little bit.

Snoop Dogg leads a training video for Burger King employees.

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