A funny and inspiring video of illusions to make your brain hurt a little bit.

Snoop Dogg leads a training video for Burger King employees.

Tommy Chong reveals all about what he thinks of Donald Trump.

What causes the red-eye phenomenon that you get from smoking weed, and what can you do to avoid them.

Whether you are relaxing, happy or winding down after a long day while you are smoking, here are five songs to match any high.

With weed sitcoms being all the rage, Amazon has recently announced “Highland,” a new television series centering around a woman and her family’s marijuana business.

If you haven’t found the girl of your dreams, then chances are you haven’t met a girl who smokes weed.

Recent studies show that simply loving one another can give us a natural high, the same type of high that one would get from smoking marijuana.

A few locals are going ape over a mural on the side of a dispensary. For the owner, it’s not just monkey business.

One of the biggest names in Hollywood is one of cannabis’ biggest supporters, and here’s why.

Grow Much? Here are 5 things you might want to consider for when you grow at home.

Enhance your buzz, while learning something new, from one of these mind blowing links.

Almost a year ago a special agent named Matt Fairbanks made national headlines with comments about rabbits eating more than just carrots. DEA Fairbanks actually said he’d seen stoned rabbits and he’s quoted in an article from the Washington Post as saying, “I deal in facts. I deal in science.” Yeah right, dude!

710 is the stoner term used to describe and celebrate concentrates, similar to 420. So get out there and enjoy the beauty of concentrates!


The same cops who arrest you for having cannabis are found eating it during a raid!

Rita Ora, the first female to collaborate with Adidas, brings us a smoking hot collection called “White Smoke”.

In a new BBC documentary dolphins are displaying behaviors that looks a lot like getting stoned under water!

Apparently smoking marijuana at the High Times Cannabis Cup in Denver is a “no no.” Is there an epidemic of rule breakers or just a few sour apples ruining it for all of us?

Glass Rivers has some serious firepower in their shop, and I’m not just talking about their torches.

What Would Weed Do If It Became President? Here we take an interesting look at how President Marijuana would help implement a mellow social change across the country.

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