Culture partnered with Native Roots Dispensary and Cultivating Spirits of Aspen, Colorado to host a five-course, cannabis-infused dinner and wine soirée. The event took place in a newly renovated retail space, in a treehouse in Aspen.

The G4:20-C vaporizer pen is an awesome on-the-go concentrate pen for all your waxes, oils, and shatters. Sleek, simple design and easy access features make this a top of the line product for any dab user.  

Did you know you could make a pipe out of a strawberry? Check out this video to learn how.

Ever wondered what a night in LA’s weed social club looks like? We take a look into the coolest place to medicate.

Nowadays it’s almost too easy to get high, with local dispensary’s, weed vending machines, and home delivery services, but have you ever stopped to think about how the bowl you’re packing came to be?

One of the most important aspects of cooking with cannabis is the balance of potency and flavor profile in a given recipe. Read on to learn how to achieve this balance of “flavor and feeling”.

Some awesome new features have come to Amazon’s personal assistant device, and we think they are perfect for stoners.

The latest powerful findings in psychology indicate the mass misunderstanding of how addiction really works. After watching this video, the causes and treatments for addiction appear crystal clear.

At what age is it safe to start smoking weed?

The latest marijuana accessories, including a new band of weed, on the market.

When it comes to mind-bending artists, the higher you are the better! So get blazed and check out some of this awesome stuff.

Why use a lot of cannabis to make those brownies when you only need to use a little, if you do it right? Make the most of your “baked” goods by decarbing your cannabis!

A man from the UK avoids jail time for his cannabis growing operation for the funniest reason.

For nearly three decades, The High Times Cannabis Cup has been the world’s leading marijuana trade show and the ultimate stoner experience.

Imagine a world where cannabis was accepted and alcohol was despised!

Tommy Chong and Sean Evans discuss Weed, Bernie Sanders, and smoking with Snoop Dogg in this interview while eating wings and enjoying some of the hottest sauces in the world.

Bill Maher talks about real issues with the progress of pot legalization in the USA… and then he does something amazing,

Roseanne Barr is the next celebrity to get into the cannabis industry, with the possibility of opening a dispensary this year.

California is set to properly regulate its medical marijuana industry after 20 years of loose laws with a potential 15% tax to help the community and pay for this regulation.

The female personification of marijuana, Mary Jane and the significance of the female flower as the source of THC, have set the cannabis industry up to be female-focused.

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