The classic lighter hasn’t had much innovation in all of its existence, but finally, a new and superior product is upon us.

To make sure every smoking experience is a great one, know your etiquette.

It’s time to change to a greener industry! Introducing Oaksterdam University, the USA’s first dedicated marijuana education facility.

The question is, should the beer industry be worried about the rise of the marijuana industry?

Posting, tweeting or instagraming photos showing weed use might not be the smartest idea; while it might be socially acceptable, it remains federally illegal and can lead to some serious consequences.

This week we are checking out some of the “high” end glass that is out there. Did you know that some one-of-a-kind pieces can go for over $50,000?

Can you fly with marijuana? There’s more than one view out there and the Stoner’s Cookbook covers them all here.

Exercising right before a drug test may be a huge mistake. Here’s why working up a sweat might make you test positive for cannabis.

We traveled to a private grow operation in the mountains of Colorado to discuss the medicinal marijuana plant and the importance of one young man’s grow after the loss of his father to cancer.

Who ever thought that Adele’s “Hello” would be getting a clever and educational weed parody to it? We certainly didn’t.

We all know that one stoner who…

The stigma surrounding medical marijuana is what’s pushing open the gates for legalization.

Skip the roses, chocolate covered strawberries and diamonds, and give them what they really want; weed!

Like most enjoyable things in life, smoking comes with its own set of problems.

Follow our guide to have your medicine, without the need to carry a pipe.

When you light it up you sometimes need a good show to watch. Here are ten great ideas.

We all know the holiday season makes people a little more generous, but to give away 1000 joints worth of marijuana? This guy is on a whole other level of kindness.

This week we are checking out some of the fantastic glass you can find at

Samuel L. Jackson lets us in on the real story behind The Hulk’s power and the key to uniting The Avengers.

It’s been claimed that 70% of cannabis users are tobacco smokers or have at least smoked it in conjunction with marijuana at one time or another.

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