In honor of the recently released Episode 7, we present some of the coolest glass pieces to pay homage to the Force.

star wars bongs

Rosin is the method of extracting some of the most potent sap from your buds using heat and pressure and doesn’t require a toxic solvent.

See for yourself why cannabis should be legal instead of alcohol. Check out this video of New Year’s eve looks like through the eyes of a bouncer.

The Obama Administration has called for a review the national drug policies, and implementing some changes could result in him finishing his term in the White House on a real high.

To celebrate the arrival of winter (if that’s a thing to celebrate…) Josh from Strain Central shows us how to make a snow bong.

snow bong

If you are looking to collect a lot of kief, these 5 strains have a high yield. So get your chamber grinder ready to start collecting.

strains for kief

It is estimated that recreational marijuana, know as the adult use marijuana act, could provide the state is up around the $1 billion mark.

This Thursday the first medical marijuana dispensary opens in New York after the state approved the opening of five different medical marijuana dispensaries in July.

The DEA have announced that restrictions on researchers to conduct studies on cannabis could be eased, giving much more freedom to researchers conducting studies on CBD.

A couple bought a hydroponic kit for growing tomatoes and were held at gunpoint by the SWAT team on suspicion of growing marijuana.

Anyone who’s been a student driver will know how nerve-wrecking an experience lessons can be, let alone if your boss Conan is the teacher. And your passengers are Ice Cube and Kevin Hart.

Blunt rolling is an art, and the more effort you put into rolling your blunt, the more reward you get for smoking it afterwards. And this guy is the king of blunt rolling!


Kief is a powerfully concentrated form of cannabis, and here are 6 ways that can be used in more ways than just smoking it.

2015 saw four states in the USA legalized marijuana for recreational use, and a bunch of other states decriminalized it or legalized it for medical use. Here are some reasons we think 2016 is going to be even bigger!

The Federal Government has surprisingly taken Colorado’s side when faced with an interstate battle between Colorado and Nebraska.

Go for the Gold with these first-rate mini j’s

In this video, Dr Christian Le from Green Earth Medicine describes the differences that evolution in the cultivation of cannabis has made since we started growing it for recreational purposes.

It’s high time you got involved in the cannabis community! Here are 10 of the best events so far on the cannabis calendar for 2016.

Navigating the world of pot politics can be a headache. Make sure you know the rules of where you are to keep yourself free from unwanted police attention and potentially serious trouble.

You don’t have to be a bearded wizard from Aman to wield a Gandalf pipe. Follow these steps to make your very own wizard inspired pipe.

gandalf pipe

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