This is the ultimate test for any stoner out there who thinks they rip a bowl like a champion. Could you take 3 bong rips like this without stopping in between to take a breath?

marijuana strain 34x stronger

In the world of cannabis extracts and dabs, there is a multitude of products available. These are super potent extracts made from marijuana, usually with a high THC content and costing more than just regular buds.

extracts and dabs

Help bring a little more ‘green’ to your Christmas this season with these 8 weed-infused stoner Christmas carols.

stoner christmas carols

In the not so distant future, you could be buying weed at the liquor stores, and maybe even sampling it, too. Sounds awesome right?!

Did you know you can make your own dry ice hash with just with a bucket, dry ice and a bubble bag? Oh, and of course you’re going to need some weed too.

dry ice hash

According to Bogart, the trick to rolling the perfect joint is all in preparing your weed! If you want to roll different style of joints, you need to check out this video!

roll different style of joints

Guys, when it comes to picking up girls when you are high AF, just don’t act like these fellas and you should be ok.

picking up girls when high

There are a number of bong water alternatives that give not only a more pleasant smoking experience but also can help keep your bong cleaner!

bong water alternatives

After filming his new movie, he decided to go out and celebrate with some friends. He got so high he ended up in another country!

Although many love to use cannabis as a way to unwind, there are plenty of us who use it as a way to start our day on a high note with a wake & bake.

What many of us don’t know is that Japan is, in fact, home to one of the oldest histories of use with cannabis. Surprisingly, cannabis in Japan dates back a whopping 12,000 years.

Is it right to call marijuana a drug now that we have a better understanding of its effects on the mind and body? Negative labels have held marijuana back for years.

should weed be called a drug?

If you are passionate about cannabis reform and re-education, these marijuana history facts should be in your knowledge arsenal!

marijuana history

Ashtray’s can put the finishing touch on any room’s aesthetic. Check out these 7 ashtrays that add a little extra something to the old art of ashing.

Using filters are a matter of preference for smokers, but there are benefits to using joint tips. Learn how to roll amazing joint filter tips, for the perfect joint.

filter tip

There are many successful ways you can get rid of the weed smell, and we are always looking for new and creative solutions to those marijuana problems.

rid of marijuana smell

There is always work to be done around the house. Chores are often daunting, so make them more enjoyable by getting high!

Every stoner has essential items that they can’t live without. We’ve outlined the top 5 stoner essentials you should always have.

This Christmas we wanted to thank all our fans (that’s you!). So we’ve teamed up with some of our favorite companies and we have 5 AMAZING PRIZE PACKS to give away this Christmas!

Bust out the tin foil hats and some Alien OG, because these glass masterpieces are out of this world!

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