The struggle of finding weed is real. Say those four words to any fellow stoner and they know what you’re talking about.

The struggle to find weed

Marijuana enthusiasts are often like fresh, natural buds. So how do you not contaminate this with butane lighters or torches? The answer – a solar hit.

This weed sale app for your Android smartphone which allows you to weigh your weed on your mobile phone.

weed scale app

If you’re stressed about something or ever think for a second that you are the center of the universe, watch this video. Mind. Is. Blown.

If you’ve ever had a run-in with a cop for something weed related, you know it sucks. Here are 5 hilarious, but not recommended, ways to react.


Let’s take a look at how a Roachinator works and how you can make one at home in just a few minutes.

how to make a roachinator

Whether you want a tolerance break, or get clean for a job test, or need to stop for another reason, you might be wondering about cannabis withdrawals.

Today’s piece is one for the romantics, the artists, and the dreamers. Grab your lighter, jar, and your silk pajamas, because this elegant piece from Green Side Up Gallery is going to make you want to smoke in pampered fashion.

Spongebob – he’s one of our favorite cartoon characters! Why? Because he´s baked half the time.

We’ve got a number of tips to help you re-moisten dry weed – check out the popular orange peel technique and others.

re-moisten dry weed

Vapecode have made the most innovative thing that has been launched into the marijuana industry – a smartphone that doubles as a vaporizer!

Jupiter vaporizer phone from vapecode

If you have ever been short on weed with no certainty of getting more, this list of weed conserving methods will help you make your stash last longer.

dankrupty conserve your weed

Movies as heavily influenced by marijuana as “Marley” is, don’t often get by me – but this one did. It’s a must see for all Bob Marley fans!

Bob marley movie

The first ever wedding expo of its kind will occur in Denver on 17 January, exhibiting companies who want to participate in organizing cannabis friendly weddings.

weed weddings

Despite marijuana use has been repressed in our history, there have still been tremendously famous stoners in that time.

Famous stoners in history

The federal government will not legalize marijuana for medical or recreational use, and yet the government own marijuana patents… What’s the deal?

government own marijuana patents

Being both drunk and high at the same time is an experience that most people are familiar with, and is often referred to as crossfading.


There are so many more than ten reasons why cannabis is awesome, and it’s time for some more appreciation!

reasons cannabis is awesome

Even Xzibit likes to get down and dirty with a bag of weed, in the home of weed itself, Amsterdam.

xzhibit smoking in amsterdam

Steve DeAngelo’s new book, The Cannabis Manifesto was launched just a couple of months ago. The Author says the book amounts to “the Declaration of Independence for Cannabis”.

the cannabis manifesto

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