There’s a hotbox and then there’s budder hotbox. To put it into perspective 1 gram of budder would last the average low-tolerance smoker about a week.

budder hotbox

Did you know, in 2003 the US government launched ‘Operation Pipedreams’ which aimed to rid America of all glass bongs and pipes..

glasswork bongs and pipe

Think twice before you post your next marijuana photo or #(insert weed reference), because the pesky agents at the DEA are most likely creeping on your profiles.

For those of you out there who want to know how to deal weed, you can watch this video of Gavin Tanner – just about the best weed dealer there is.

How to deal weed

This year the High Times 2015 Cannabis World Cup was hosted in Jamaica, and was a psychedelic sea of colors and music.

2015 World Cannabis Cup

Watch Seth Rogen take a quiz on whether the names he is presented with are strain names or band names!

Check out the second installment of “Things People Say When High”, it’s sure to give you a few Thanksgiving Eve laughs.

Ok, so these photos look amazing even when not high. But we all know stuff is better when we’re baked! So roll yourself a nice joint, pack that bowl, or puff the vape, and check out these amazing photos.

This is the ultimate guide on how to create your own homemade high potency cannabis e-liquid.

How to make the ultimate cannabis e-liquid

This year, you should be on the lookout for the black Friday promotions at some dispensaries around the country.

Black Friday Cannabis Deals

There are now marijuana dating apps and websites for those who appreciate having the presence of a third, Mary Jane, in their relationship.

Marijuana dating apps

Wondering what some of the greatest cannabis strains are? Well, our awesome fan base has you covered!

Kelsey Beth writes this funny song about someone´s dog who eats weed. She sings about the shame of admitting it to the vets!

If you have a great cannabis business or idea, then a cannabis business incubator could be just what you need.

Cannabis business incubator

This book is a compilation of 36 illustrations that have been put together by nine different artists. All the illustrations are lines only, for stoners to color in.

To weed, or not to weed? That is the question. Because weed is the most inspirational thing in the world, the vessel from which people speak words of wisdom and truth!

marijuana quotes

Regardless if these are insane, horrible, gorgeous or just plain CRAZY – we have to give mad love to all the Mary Jane enthusiasts out there with weed tattoos.

A sobriety test might seem like a load of easy tasks, but could you actually pass the sobriety test while high?

pass a sobriety test while high

Vape oil pens are handy but do they have the same effects? If you were given the choice between smoking herb and a vapeoil pen, which would you choose?

Vapeoil pens

If marijuana has been legalized in your state, you should probably be thinking about the implications of having a workplace policy.

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