You’re on vacation and you just want to inhale the herb and chill, but you can’t. Luckily the canna tourism industry is getting better and better.

Canna Tourism

Because there’s no need to argue about this every time you smoke with your friends anymore, we answer the question – do blunts get you higher than joints?

Do blunts get you higher than joints

With the permission of Anita Thompson, the widow of late Hunter S. Thompson, Muchies host a Cannabis infused Gourmet Dinner at the Thompson residence.

We all know by now the benefits of medical marijuana for so many different ailments are due to cannabinoids. Juicing raw cannabis is another great way to benefit.

Have you ever smoked joint after joint and wondered if you can get any higher? Or eaten some edibles, sat on the couch and wondered “Will I get Higher?”

Is there a point where you can't get higher?

You have been throwing away perfectly intoxicating THC if you are throwing out your already vaped buds! Find out what you can with vaped weed, rather than throw it out.

What can I do with my vaped weed?

This pastor gives strong points on following religion and Christ. According to him, cannabis and Christ is not the bad combination many think it is.

Marijuana and religion

Smoking weed and dabbing at the same time is now a reality, as Josh from Strain Central shows us.

Smoking weed and dabbing at the same time

Was Sarah Silverman high at the Emmy Awards? After E!’s Red Carpet “Clutch cam” it would seem, yes!

Was Sarah Silverman high at the emmys

Ronda Rousey kicks ass in this video with the perfect analogy for Nick Diaz´s 5-year marijuana suspension.

Ronda Rousey Gives The Greatest Analogy of Nick Diaz's 5-Year Marijuana Suspension

Celebs investing in marijuana industry is becoming more and more common. The ‘green rush’ is pulling many people into this area of lucrative opportunity.

Celebrities investing in the marijuana industry

These 5 great resources for growing marijuana should at the very least get you started with what you need to begin growing

Marijuana growing resources

Sarah Silverman is a self-proclaimed stoner in the face of Hollywood, went on Conan to talk about the times that she got high with her parents.

Sarah Silverman smoking weed

What is marijuana wax? Well, for starters, it will probably get you the highest you have ever been on weed.

What is marijuana wax

Myths about weed have run rampant since the days of reefer madness. Fortunately, times are changing and our acceptance of marijuana has paved the way for a better understanding of how it affects us.

The NFL has long been against the use of marijuana, perhaps to maintain their idea of a good public image.

NFL and marijuana

In this day and age, you need to know how to pass a drug test – because unfortunately the system hasn’t yet caught up with what’s cool.

How to pass a drug test

Dopeball uses any athletic ball to create a portable and discreet storage container for marijuana gear you want to keep safe while on the go.


In this hilarious video, Vrooman moderates a debate ‘on marijuana legalization. But there is a catch!

Alcohol vs weed debate

Everyone dreams of having some Purple Haze in their hand, or some Pineapple Express – but does do you know where all these crazy strain names come from?

Where do those crazy strain names come from?

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