The war on drugs has been a disaster. The amount of money that has been spent on a war that has caused more poverty than less is appalling.

The war on drugs

This article is simply about how to clean your bong or pipe really well. Because for the love of Mary-Jane, please don’t go on smoking your quality weed out of a dirty bong.

How To Clean Your Bong Or Pipe

The herb that plays a special role in a lot of people’s lives has so many names – cannabis, marijuana, ganja, weed – but where did all the names come from?

Origins of weed names

If you haven’t decided on a costume and want to really embrace your inner stoner, we’ve got you covered with these weed Halloween costume ideas.

Weed halloween costume ideas

Did you guys hear that? What was it? I think someone is here… is it the cops? Nope.. Chances are you’re high and paranoid!

When you're high and paranoid

Have you ever wondered what are percolators, and how they can help? Keep reading to find out exactly what they do.


Have you ever tried smoking weed with fruit? In this video, Josh from Strain Central shows some great ways this can be done.

Smoking Weed With Fruit

What do people and/or stoners alike love to do the most while high? See if your favorite things to do while high are on here!

Does Seth Rogan, who plays Steve Wozniak in the new Steve Jobs movie get high on the job? He seems to get high mostly all of the other time.

Seth Rogan plays Steve Wozniak high

It’s easy to forget successful CEOs are people just like us. They lead the largest corporations in the world, put their socks on the same way each day, and also enjoy the herb.

CEOs who admit to smoking marijuana

If you have ever woken up feeling extra foggy after the previous night’s heavy smoke session, you may have a weed hangover, and you are not alone.

Weed hangover

When celebs step in and express their own opinions, for can sway opinion on topics, such as marijuana legalization.

Let’s take a look out how you maximise your high and get the biggest bang from your buds.

How to maximize your high

Marijuana and Music are such a part of each other that they may be the real M&M’s. So we have put together a list of our top 10 Mary Jane inspired songs.

Top cannabis songs

In this experiment, a blind man drops marijuana at a number of locations. He pretends as though he doesn’t notice, and keeps on ‘being blind’.

Blind ma drops marijuana

The mainstream stoner stereotype still exists in modern media, despite the growing popularity of the marijuana industry.

Recent advances in light-emitting diode or LED technology have caught the attention of leading cannabis cultivators. Now you can grow better cannabis with LED lights.

Grow better cannabis with LED

Many of us enjoy exercise when high. Exercise can actually increase your high; while using marijuana can positively influence the results of exercising.

Exercise when high

Marijuana has been used as a medicine for centuries, but will big pharmaceutical control cannabis in our future?

Will big pharmaceutical control cannabis

For those of us who are rolling impaired, we teach you how to roll a joint with a rolling machine.

How to roll a joint using a rolling machine

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