Marijuana has a very strong, recognizable smell. There are times when we all need to hide the smell of weed, so here are some tips to help do this.

There are some weed smokers out there who are wondering how to address their coughing situation, how to cough less when smoking weed.

How to cough less when smoking weed

Tomorrow, the City Council of Portland will vote to allow the creation of a so-called “Green Light District”.

Green light district in portland

Almost Legal with Tommy Chong stars Tommy Chong as the host, who sits down with different celebrity guests in each episode.

Almost Legal with Tommy Chong

An elderly couple in Brooksville, Florida have been arrested for growing weed in their home by police.

The rosin technique is one of the easiest ways to make your own concentrate in the convenience of your own home.

Rosin techniques

Tommy Chong has been smoking marijuana for over 50 years. He talks about the not-so-fun side of being a cannabis icon – getting busted.

Tommy Chong

The consumer driven economy has given birth to subscription services like Netflix, Trunk Club, and now that includes marijuana subscription services.

Best marijuana subscription services

Parents today will raise their children with legal access to marijuana. In this article we discuss what to tell your children about marijuana.

How to talk to your children about marijuana

Watch out world – There is a new criminal on our streets. Beware of the weed-loving, felonious pig!

Pig gets high

How long does weed stay in your system? That all depends on the how much you smoke, and the method of testing.

aliva sample results being checked after adrenal stress profile testing how long does weed stay in your system

The first dab is the first dab. Some people liken dabs for first time to the first time they smoke weed, but it is completely other.

Dabs for the first time

A friend informed me recently that he read online that McDonald’s in Colorado were now allow patrons to smoke weed in the restaurants. So I had to find out!

Smoke cannabis at mcdonalds

It’s hard to believe that there are cannabis haters out there when you are a marijuana enthusiast, but they do exist. Here are some tips to re-eductae them.

Cannabis haters gonna hate

It gets you high – the number one reason cannabis is amazing. It’s what you desire from your high that produces the other awesome reasons.

cannabis is awesome

Marijuana problems can be a normal occurrence in your life and you’ve come to accept over time, but are still just as frustrating every time they happen.

Why do many of us suffer from marijuana paranoia? It’s a question on a lot of smokers’ tongues, so we investigated further to find out.

Marijuana paranoia

The powers that be have been attempting to brainwash people about the effects of marijuana for far too long. But the results are in – the data again refutes marijuana as a gateway drug.

There is nothing quite like that runner’s high. But did you know that feeling is the same “high” effect you receive from marijuana.

running when high

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