We’ve all been there as smokers, where we are chewing through a bag of green like candy because our weed tolerance is too high.

Fun With Dabs

From getting super high to thinking you are a couch, these confessions from the Whisper app show just how potent dabs can be.


What can you do with cannabis stems? Surprisingly, there are plenty of uses for your cannabis leftovers.

What to do with cannabis stems

We’ve all been there – you smoke or eat a little bit too much, and you are in too deep. So what does this guy decide to do? Call 911 For Getting “Too High”


We asked our fans, “What was the highest you have ever been?” It is safe to say we got some awesome responses!

If you are a marijuana smoker, mangoes should be your new favorite fruit. Mango and weed can lead to faster, stronger, and longer lasting highs.

mango and weed

Trying to find some of the best and funniest new weed videos? We’ve found some this week that you will truly enjoy!

As the marijuana industry grows, so does the concern for marijuana and pesticides. Pesticides are unregulated and it seems time for industry changes.

Marijuana and pesticides

Last week, Steven Colbert took on the Indianapolis-based, “Church Of Cannabis”. Watch and see what he thinks!

Stephen Colbert on the First Church of Cannabis

Those of us who are interested in marijuana are exposed to more information today than ever before. Here are 10 weed myths we have busted.

The negative stigma surrounding marijuana has caused our society to truly believe that marijuana legalization would have many negative effects.

Governor John Hickenlooper approves marijuana

Here are some of our favourite Whisper Marijuana confessions on the subject of education and cannabis

Higher Education

The goofy marijuana goggles claim to create impairment for users through their unique lenses that remove the color red from the user’s vision..

Fatal Vision marijuana goggles

Can dogs get high from cannabis? Short answer, yes. Is it safe? Read on to find out..

Can dogs get high

If you are a cannabis enthusiast, then you must visit Amsterdam. The coffee shops are different from your regular, everyday double-double stop.

Amsterdam coffee shops

Louis C.K is a well-known comedian who without a doubt always provides a legitimate laugh, especially when recounting his experience texting on weed

Louis CK - Weed and texting

Early on the morning of September 8th, Hulk and his owners were woken by a loud crash.. It was raining weed

Marijuana falls from the sky

Our amazing fans tagged us on Twitter @HERBworthy and let us know what their first time getting high was like. We chose 15 of our favorite stories!

This week, we found a lot of some awesome and hilarious weed memes for your pleasure! Enjoy!

Let these filmmakers provide you with a much better understanding as we explore the Top 10 marijuana documentaries.

Marijuana Documentaries

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