Enjoy a few laughs at these funniest weed videos that we found within this week!

Ronda Rousey says exactly how we all feel about the incredibly absurd 5-year marijuana suspension of Nick Diaz.

The best part about this educational weed song? It’s actually pretty damn good.

We love weed memes as much as you do! So, here are the 10 best ones we found within this past week. Enjoy!

They call it Moon Rocks for a reason. After a couple hits, you’ll be headed for the moon. Check out this awesome Moon Rocks strain review to learn more!

Yes, you are reading that headline right. Marijuana gas stations will become a thing in the very near future. See how they’ll work!

Each and everyone one of us remembers getting stoned for the first time. For many, it was the beginning of a life-long love affair with this amazing plant.

Getting stoned for the first time

As cannabis enthusiasts, at some point in our lives we’ve all had to deal with marijuana dealers. These dealer confession give a fascinating insight from the other side of the fence

Whisper Marijuana Dealer Confessions

You don’t have to be a medical marijuana user to know cannabis can improve your life. Studies are showing that marijuana may be a key supplement for preventative health.

Cannabis helps improve lives

You can tell that Bill Maher was prepared to pick apart Patrick Kennedy’s logic and statistics he brings forward.

In another hilarious “Real People, Fake Arms” skit, Snoop Dogg and Jimmy Fallon act out a hilarious marijuana bakery skit with mannequin hands.

In this awesome time lapse of marijuana growing, you get to see exactly how cannabis grows right from the very beginning.

Watch as this cop smokes a joint that’s handed to him and acknowledges right away that the cannabis is “some good sh*t.”

We all love being up-to-date on the latest cannabis news. Thankfully, Danielle from The Dab Spot gives us the latest updates surrounding cannabis.

This is not your average Super Bowl party…

California has been known to be one of the worst regulated states when it comes to medical marijuana policies. However, that is all starting to change.

So you’re thinking about what you should invest in for the cannabis industry. Are vaporizer companies a valuable option?

In the second part of “The Smoke Sesh Games”, smoking weed as a sport becomes even funnier than it was in the previous skit!

LifeAccordingToJimmy brings us a hilarious skit on what it would be like if smoking weed was a sport broadcasted on TV with “The Smoke Sesh Games.”

So you’ve never tried drinking weed before. So you may be wondering: what does it feel like, and is the “high” different? Find out for yourself!

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