There are other groups now seeking representation from the government to form into a union—this includes medical cannabis growers.

Pairing wine and weed might be the latest culinary fad, but infusing wine with weed has been around for thousands of years.

weed-infused wine

For those of you who may enjoy a beer every now and then, you may want to have the best cannabis to go along with it!

Listen to Wiz Khalifa’s story about the first time he ever got high. It is probably not what you’d expect.

We are sure that most of you are interested in a very important question: Can cannabis cure cancer? Hear the scientific explanations for how it is possible!

Confessions are always amusing, but they are even better when they are confessions from people who grow cannabis.

We all love cannabis, there is no doubt about that. However, there are people who love weed more than others. Here are 10 signs that indicate that.

There are a lot of college students who smoke weed. There are also a lot of college students who smoke cigarettes. So which one is most used?

In a new study, there is yet another link to marijuana lowering sperm count. See the findings from the study! What do you think?

What do you get when you mix vaporizing cannabis with consuming caffeine? A match made in cannabis heaven.

These confessions from the Whisper app give an insight into what it’s like to both protect and break the law by smoking weed.

After spending a third of his life in prison over marijuana, Jeff Mizanskey was finally released from jail, and the video is very emotional as expected.

Almost Legal is going to be such an awesome comedy series for stoners alike. Check out what it’s going to be like and the guests that are already announced!

The cost of cannabis used to strictly depend on black market prices. However, legalization is starting to change things. How much should weed actually cost?

Looking for some awesome and hilarious marijuana memes? Check out the ones we found from August 23 – August 30!

A lot of people thought Matthew McConaughey’s Lincoln ads were pretty strange. Tommy Chong’s however, is absolutely on point.

These are some of the biggest marijuana buds that “The Urban Grower” Remo has ever grown in his life! They’re beautiful too!

Looking to see some of the strongest marijuana strains in the world? This awesome video has some beautiful nug shots and a THC analysis breakdown for you!

Looking for some of the most recent best bongs, pipes, and/or rigs? We’ve got you covered with some of these beautiful glass pieces we found this week!

In another hilarious LifeAccordingToJimmy video, he brings us a character named “Turbo”, who is the worst weed dealer ever.

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