Looking for some of the most recent best bongs, pipes, and/or rigs? We’ve got you covered with some of these beautiful glass pieces we found this week!

In another hilarious LifeAccordingToJimmy video, he brings us a character named “Turbo”, who is the worst weed dealer ever.

There has always been the idea that cannabis can help boost your creative ability and thinking process. Is this true?

We found some incredibly beautiful marijuana buds this week (August 23-30) that we know you’re going to love!

In an informative and amusing video, you will see how much will kill you with things such as caffeine, salt, water, music, and yes…cannabis.

Listen to Katt Williams’ hilarious stand-up on his first time being introduced to a vaporizer.

For those that want to get every last bit of bud out of their roaches, here are 10 crafty ways to smoke roaches effectively.

Ever wanted to understand how to lollipop and prune your cannabis properly? Or even want to know what “lollipopping” even is? Well, then check this out!

Does smoking marijuana while drinking coffee actually improve your high?

You will love every second of these highlights from the 2015 Medical Cannabis Cup in Michigan. We wish we were there!

Cannabis may be legal in Colorado, but driving while high is not. Learn exactly what police look for in marijuana DUI arrests!

Now that marijuana legalization is officially on the November ballot for Ohio, see what this retired police captain has to say about it!

Some people still assume “stoners” are lazy, unmotivated and just get high all day unproductively. However, it’s time to reshape the stoner stereotype.

One of the best tests we have seen lately – the edible test. An older couple are the edible test subjects as they are observed eating 110mg of THC. Enjoy!

We found A LOT of beautiful marijuana buds this week that will surely give you multiple budgasms. Enjoy!

The massacre lasted for several days. It’s clear: the Mexican drug cartels gain from the war on drugs.

Mexican Drug Cartels Gain From The War On Drugs

How baked does Snoop Dogg look? Well he’s on the moon right now thanks to the incredibly potent Kurupts Moonrock.

So you want to have an awesome marijuana garden or cultivation site? Well, then you need to learn how to grow marijuana like a pro.

If you can recall, there were many opponents claiming cannabis legalization was going to lead to terrible consequences. Where are they now?

Is your country on the Top 10 Countries That Love To Smoke The Most Weed list? We bet you couldn’t guess #1!

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