Who is going to want this weed bar at their wedding? We are so glad these newlyweds pioneered this idea for future weddings!

Light up and enjoy these 10 funny stoner jokes that we have found!

For those who are interested in growing marijuana or who are just starting to learn how to cultivate, be sure to avoid these rookie mistakes!

We found some pretty sweet and beautiful smoke spots this week (August 16 – 23) where cannabis lovers alike got baked while enjoying an amazing view. Enjoy!

There are many marijuana strains out there — it can get confusing. To make things a little easier, here are 10 hot strains you should get your hands on.

For the week of August 16 – 23, we bring to you the best glass pieces (bongs, bowls, bubblers, etc.) that we spotted! Enjoy!

The growth of unlicensed marijuana stores throughout California (specifically LA) is getting out of control. See exactly what is going on within the state.

Yes, Russia is really threatening to ban Wikipedia over one page that relates to cannabis…

We’re back with more hilarious and awesome marijuana memes that we found throughout this week. Enjoy!

Hotboxing can be the best method for getting extremely fixed. Here are 11 of our favorites.

Judge Judy is entertaining as it is, don’t get us wrong. However, when you put a stoned 21-year-old in the mix, you get an even more hilarious case.

Uncovering yet another ridiculous stance from Nancy Grace, now you can add even more humor to it with the responses from Kevin Hart and Ice Cube.

Montel Williams has been a long time advocate for medical marijuana since 1999 when he started using it for his MS. Listen to his inspiring words.

We absolutely love to see courses like this offering vital education for growing and selling cannabis and for properly operating a cannabis business.

Listen to Willie Nelson share a little humor about his experience.

What happens when a grandma gets a hold of a medical marijuana cookie? Find out. It’s hysterical, adorable, and crazy all rolled in one video!

It blows our minds that people have tried half of these. Can you believe these?

Whether you’re looking to take it all in, or escape from the madness, here are 5 things you must do when stoned in New York City.

Things You Must Do When Stoned in New York City

Colorado’s legalization experiment continues to impress more and more. The recent numbers for the tax revenue the industry has brought in are astounding!

It can be eye-opening when you find yourself stoned eating an XL pizza. It’s time to learn how to control your munchies.

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