The legacy Robin Williams has left behind is vast. This is one of our personal favorites. We love and miss you Robin!

The best part is that there was a college tour watching this whole situation as these college students were hotboxing a parachute…

Do you remember the unbelievable Santa Ana cops dispensary raid? Well, now see what these cops are trying to do about it. It’s even more unbelievable!

The link between teenage marijuana use and future mental and physical health risks is always a huge topic. But this newest study will shed a lot of light.

Do you love cannabis? Well, we compiled a short list of the very best marijuana apps that all cannabis enthusiasts should have!

This just further shows why we need this bong…ASAP. Take our money!

See how this company wants to be the first startup to deliver marijuana with drones! Just imagine!

Giving users super human strength and making them resistant to pain, the coined term, “weaponized marijuana” is becoming a dangerous threat in New York.

How did this mysterious pilot fit all of those drugs onto that drone and fly it perfectly over the prison yard?

This hilarious skit highlights the exact situation of marijuana policy in the United States today: sweet freedom, to a point.

With the cannabis industry still in its infancy, and testing largely unregulated, product quality varies greatly. Stay safe and only smoke tested weed!

Watch this fascinating interview with Olympian snowboarder Ross Rebagliati where he explains his progressive view on cannabis as a performance enhancer.

Haleigh Cox is a young girl with uncontrollable epilepsy who has found relief with medical marijuana. This past week her family’s home burnt down.

Joni Whiting was once anti-marijuana. Then her daughter was diagnosed with cancer, leading to a painful fight for her life only medical marijuana helped.

Medical marijuana has no proven therapeutic value for autism. Yet this mother, with her autistic son on the brink of death, decided to give it a shot.

It seems the liberation of cannabis is coinciding with breakthroughs in our understanding of addiction. Watch Dr. Sanjay Gupta explain marijuana addiction.

Seth Rogen got bored at 4 am and decided he’d teach us all how to roll a cross joint.

Not every TV show was created equal, which is doubly true when you’re baked. Here are 14 shows that are awesome to watch while high.

After Colorado rejected PTSD as a qualifying condition for medical marijuana applicants, Denver shows support to those that this hurts the most: veterans.

This week’s CEO on Cannabis, Seibo Shen, shares how the effects of cannabis in optimal sensory deprivation conditions enabled life-altering revelations.

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