Watch this video for the low-down on a breakthrough marijuana lube, Foria, including interviews with women who have rave reviews to share.

Don’t legalize weed? Say what? Before you go absolutely crazy in the comments, watch the video. It’s funny.

Marijuana Policy Project’s Mason Tvert takes the stand for all marijuana supporters against Fox News’ Nancy Grace, who prattles like nails on a chalkboard.

From sparking a cannabis legalization movement, to producing Foo Fighters’ “Learn to Fly” with 1000 musicians, people achieve incredible things together.

Forbes ranked Colorado’s flourishing hub the country’s best place for business, attracting workers with their diverse economy. Thanks cannabis legalization!

We love new experiences, whether it be by cannabis, entertainment, jet plane, or our own two feet. And what could be richer than a journey around the world?

Chris Christie plans to stop the marijuana legalization movement sends shivers down our spine. We will do everything we can to keep this man out of office!

Cannabis has proven itself to be medically viable for humans, but what about our furry friends? Here’s what we think about the future of marijuana for pets.

In honor of Delaware’s impending marijuana decriminalization, here are 5 delicious marijuana recipes.

The Cannabis Cup is likely coming to an area near you—meaning that the munchies are too. Here are 8 snacks to pack for your adventure at the Cannabis Cup.

The new DEA leader’s “probably not” isn’t an incredibly comforting answer, but is much more comforting than the views of his predecessor’s laughable views.

Canada continues to make some positive moves towards cannabis—but not without resistance. Here’s the low-down on the recent Supreme Court of Canada ruling.

Whether you can blow glass in your spare time or you repurpose fruit as your smoking tool, you are all geniuses. Here are 10 of our favorite homemade bongs.

Many marijuana enthusiasts like home decor that reflects their values and spirit. Here are 10 of our favorite home accessories for the cannabis lover.

You may pride yourself on knowing all there is to know about cannabis, but we’ll bet you don’t know one of these unique marijuana facts. We know we didn’t!

Watch VICE’s Krishna Andavolu burn one down with the President of Uruguay, José Mujica, amidst a tour of the country’s legal cannabis market.

Marijuana has incredible proven health benefits, both recreationally and medically. The latest discovery? Couple who smoke weed are less violent.

Watch day-to-day life if we treated alcohol like weed and weed like alcohol. This skit highlights how silly the drug war is!

Watch this skilled magician try to sell marijuana to a cop before vanishing his stash, infuriating the officer. We’re still wondering where the weed went.

What happens when you find a friend in weed? You find a lifelong love, indeed. “Wanna Smoke Before?” is a marijuana love story in every sense of the word.

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