Apparently superhumans are going mainstream these days. Watch this phenomenal feat turn hilarious when guy lifts car then rides away on his bicycle.

Marijuana isn’t legal in Britain, but “spice” (also known as synthetic marijuana) is, and the consequence is grave.

Smoking fails remind us we’re not alone, rolling fails make us feel confident, kid fails touch our hearts, and dog fails make us happy to be alive.

Ever been stoned in a grocery store? At best, it’s the longest trip of your adult life. At worst, as this guy finds, it’s a precursor to PTSD-like symptoms.

Jesse Snodgrass struggled to connect with kids at school and thought he had finally made a friend. Then his only friend betrayed him.

These famous cannabis supporters share the same thoughts we all have on cannabis, and have found wild success alongside their love for the herb!

With seniors making up the fastest growing group to take up pot, it’s no secret that grandparents enjoy their marijuana. Here’s why!

We love a good marijuana prank. Watch this guy pull a bag of oregano out of his to-go order with feigned disbelief. The employees’ reactions are priceless!

It’s not just texting and driving — it can be as simple as a single glance, email, or search. Many of us are culprits, but this new ad may change that.

In a story of hilarious redemption, a police officer bakes his own weed brownie with confiscated weed and is forced to turn himself in for fear of death.

Louis C.K. describes in perfect detail what we all know too well: what it’s like being too high. And it’s hilarious.

A federal marijuana raid of gross proportions took place on federally sanctioned sovereign territories in California. Here’s their reasoning.

Watch VICE tour Jessica Roake, mother of two, around Colorado’s marijuana industry, offering insights into what’s keeping stoner moms from the marketplace.

Bet Afroman didn’t expect that his once racy “Because I Got High” would be needing a positive-spin makeover 15 years later. Weedmaps nailed this one.

Watch 3 stoned drivers, with varying cannabis experience, receive evaluation by a driving school instructor as well as a police officer watching from afar.

In another great glimpse into life in the Wild Wild West where the grass truly grows greener, we see charity at it’s highest: free joints to the homeless.

Wim Hof can stay submerged in ice for 1 hour 53 min without his core body temperature changing. What’s better — he can train you how to be superhuman too.

In this stoned vs. drunk challenge, one guy performs the same 5 tests at different times, once stoned and once drunk. Which do you think won?

Dispelling the older folk stereotype when it comes to marijuana, this grandpa proves appearances aren’t everything and that old lungs can mean iron lungs.

You know the situation is dire when you are turning to Twitter in search of some bud. But then things turn comical when deputies tweet back.

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