The University of Texas found that teen marijuana use is down 25% since 2012, suggesting legalization reduces the appealing sensationalism of prohibition.

Susan Sarandon just discovered her shout in A$AP Rocky’s 2012 track ‘1 Train’ and proposes a smoke sesh to discuss the lyrics, which she doesn’t understand.

The day of his death, her son had searched for medical marijuana ardently, and not finding any, ingested a lethal amount of alcohol and took his own life.

There is no one more openly staunch in opposing cannabis legalization than Kevin Sabet. Watch how he responds to Colorado’s successful legal market!

Watch Stephanie Landa smoke with a cop and hotbox his car, narrating the whole experience via the car megaphone. What a moment.

Oregon is pushing the envelope on legal marijuana and says yes to flying with marijuana. But there’s a catch!

On the heels of successful cannabis legalization in other countries, over 200 lawmakers in Italy agreed on a proposal to fully legalize marijuana.

The constant laughter begins the second the tape rolls. Watch Seth Rogen and Snoop Dogg smoke weed and play off each other in this entertaining segment.

The only person allowed to wave their hands in the air with a whatever response to a flyaway baby is a toking, robed weed jesus.

Check out this collection of epic smoke tricks that will surely inspire you to experiment during your next smoke sesh. Some aren’t even that hard!

Sometimes you boss a large hit, and sometimes the hit bosses you. These poor folks got caught on film with the latter. Watch these 10 classic weed fails.

Listen to Missy Miller tell us the story of how her severely disabled 14-year-old son Oliver spurred medical marijuana legalization in New York. Powerful!

Everyone’s saying marijuana today is stronger than what our parents smoked. But what exactly does that mean? Watch this short informative video to find out.

Coconut oil has many uses. Most notably? Infusing it with cannabis for cooking. Here are 5 five ways to use coconut oil for your body and your high.

Meditation is not solely reserved for those who eat coconut kale sticks (or whatever the kids are eating these days) and buy 10 dollar coffees. Meditation can benefit everyone. And fortunately for us, history says that it should also be practiced alongside a more familiar companion—marijuana. Here’s how to combine meditation and marijuana for a more stress-free, balanced life.

Can you imagine how baked they got? This is insane! And yes, we know you’re thinking: “442 grams is a waste.” We know. But what’s a world hotbox record for?

In Washington you can only sell prepackaged marijuana and can’t consume on a liquor license premise. One Seattle restaurant says that’s just not okay.

Luckily this young man is strong enough to shoulder the hate and give the most effective response: publicly shaming the disgusting behavior of online trolls

Being able to see clearly for the first time is hard to wrap your head around, so there’s nothing better than the raw, pure reaction of a baby to show you.

If you waste any seconds today, let them be watching the Forrest Gump beatbox remix. Try not to laugh…we bet you can’t do it.

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