Being able to see clearly for the first time is hard to wrap your head around, so there’s nothing better than the raw, pure reaction of a baby to show you.

If you waste any seconds today, let them be watching the Forrest Gump beatbox remix. Try not to laugh…we bet you can’t do it.

A love for Mary Jane is not uncommon, but only the most passionate tattoo themselves with the plant they love. Here are 8 of the best/craziest weed tattoos.

Not only are marijuana enthusiasts clever, we are also fantastic at word-play. Sit back, light a joint and enjoy these 10 awesome weed puns.

Despite medicating off the clock and never coming to work high, this quadriplegic man was fired for treating his daily muscle spasms with medical marijuana.

The days of the ‘cannabis closet’ are gone. Habitual consumers are in good company. It’s no longer a matter of ‘are you high’, but instead ‘how high’?

Watch this awesome debate that investigates the War on Drugs in America. One thing is for certain: legal or not, cannabis not going away anytime soon.

Watch this veteran explain why medical marijuana doesn’t just help PTSD patients — it can end up being the deciding factor between life and death.

Comparing the therapeutic power of cannabis to aspirin in the 1900’s, Senator Larry Campbell explains why he supports legalization in four knock-out punches

If you’re curious about life in Colorado, where the marijuana burns free, you’ll want to watch this tour by Bong Appetit — a day in cannabis heaven.

Listen to this veteran tell his story, one that reflects the lives of many other veterans whom struggle without legal access to medical marijuana.

Trimming is a useful skill if you grow your own plants and can also land you a lucrative job. Watch this short how-to on correctly trim marijuana.

President Obama reduces 46 non-violent drug sentences, the largest clemency in a single day since the 1960’s. And he’s not likely to stop there.

At its core, the War on Drugs is about injustice, inequality, and division it has created amongst the American people. We are the ones that are suffering.

Congressman Cohen to NDCP Director Botticelli: “You can’t handle the truth. The truth is the drug war failed. Your direction on marijuana was a failure.”

Say hello to Potbox, California’s latest monthly subscription: top shelf medical marijuana on your doorstep. This is luxury!

Rep. Earl Blumenauer asks for support to end the War on Marijuana by passing legislation that would, as he says, “rationalize our foolish policies.”

In Canada, a couple days after ‘Welfare Wednesday,’ this man distributes baggies of bammer trim to those in need. Free weed is a beautiful thing!

Cannabis prohibition supporters are great at not answering clear questions. Watch the DEA Chief skirt around the incriminating truth of medical marijuana.

Watch US Rep. Earl Blumenauer dial in on a critical insight regarding cannabis prohibition, in which he embarrasses the Deputy Director of Drug Policy.

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