Watch 91-year-old Nonna Marijuana, Queen of Weed Cuisine, walk us through her cannabis-infused dinner preparation. What a fire cracker!

Three highly successful stoner moms get together for a smoke sesh and prove wrong all the silly cannabis stereotypes. They know how to have a great time!

San Francisco is one of the most expensive places to live in the world, so it’s fitting that it also be home to the swankiest medical cannabis clubs.

Great news for medical marijuana! The Obama Administration has removed the Public Health Service (PHS) Review, a major obstacle for cannabis research.

The verdict is in, folks: no, cannabis legalization does not increase underage consumption. Why? Well, it’s logic. Here are the quick and dirty facts.

Vaping is made for the 21st century gal. Leave the blowtorch for the welders, keep the hacking to a minimum and vape your cannabis with elegance and class.

Microsoft Hololens takes video games 3D with holographic Minecraft. But this is not just an eye trick — you can move it around the room. Check it out!

Watch 10 minutes of orchestra playing its way through hip-hop history, recycling all your favorite rhythms from childhood until now. We’ve got goosebumps!

Watch these guys exchange their golf swing for all sorts of sports shenanigans. The best part? Their hilarious personalities. Hollywood, sign ’em up!

“Walking at graduation” is not normally regarded literally — unless you can’t walk. This clip is nothing short of inspiring; what’s your excuse today?

We love wingsuit flying, but who doesn’t? It’s the closest we’ve come to flying, and flying dreams are our favorite dreams. Feast your eyes on this treat.

What’s better than Ted? More Ted. When can we expect Ted 2’s momentous release? June 26th. Begin your joint rolling now — we’ll see ya there.

Walker broke his arm and he got a cast. However, to Walker, he got a cast about 15 times, and each time it’s AMAZING.

It’s a question every parent is tasked with: how to know if your child is high. Jimmy Kimmel takes a stab at it and offers some tips. Are they spot on?

Jimmy Kimmel’s team hits the streets of Hollywood to ask passerbys if they’ve ever smoked pot — and the audience tries to predict their answers.

Medical cannabis oil is quickly turning into a health miracle, saving the lives of countless children. See how you can make it easily in your own kitchen!

In the Church of Cannabis, a cannabiterian follows the Diety Dozen, including “don’t be an asshole” and “don’t troll on the internet”. Simply divine.

Catherine Hiller claims that smoking one joint a day for over 40 years has kept her young and healthy while also enhancing many aspects of her life.

“America really IS crazy when it comes to drugs. Don’t forget, we’re the ones that thought we could prohibit alcohol.” How right you are, Ethan Nadelmann.

First Tommy Chong was diagnosed with prostate cancer. Now that it’s in the remission, he’s been diagnosed with rectal cancer. The good side? More cannabis!

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