Watch a utopian society that freely farms and consumes a pleasure giving flower turn into a society where the same flower is illegal– cannabis prohibition.

For the 2015 HIGH TIMES NorCal Medical Cannabis Cup, there were plenty of great things you missed. Watch this quick video for the awesome highlights!

Breckenridge Cannabis Club (BCC) is legendary. Maybe you visited it for yourself in Breckenridge, Colorado during their time on Main Street or followed their story through the CNN show “High Profits.” Either way here is everything that you need to know about this hot spot in Colorado.

In 1993, Jeff Mizanskey was sent to prison for life without parole in Missouri for a nonviolent crime related to the possession and intent to sell marijuana. Here’s what happened and why you should care about his freedom.

It’s been 3 days since Alex Renton began the medical marijuana treatment, Elixinol, and has gradually been coming out of his 2-month-long induced coma.

As marijuana laws and regulations start to change across North America, the allowance, packaging, and marketing of edibles, whether for medicinal or recreational purposes, have become quite sticky. Here a few examples of what’s happening with the laws around edibles.

We are sick of people assuming all cannabis users fit into one stoner stereotype: lazy, unmotivated, etc. See how the 420 Games are changing all of that.

The Nightly Show guests say what we’re all thinking regarding Colorado Supreme Court’s decision to allow employers to fire medical marijuana patients.

When a Louisiana Representative asks for federal troops to crack down on legal states, Jared Polis responds with a hilarious rant. Fried crayfish?!

In a very disheartening decision, the Colorado Supreme Court ruled that employees can still be fired for medical marijuana use whether on or off duty.

Looking for a new way to get high? Here are the basics you’ll need for infusing marijuana with alcohol, including how to make a Green Dragon! Trust us, you will feel like Heisenberg cooking up these cannabis cocktails.

We all know that couples who smoke together have more fun. But what about more romance? If you want to spice up your smoke spots, here are 10 place you should consider lighting up at with your partner.

It looks like the number of marijuana dispensaries in Vancouver has officially passed the number of Starbucks Coffee shops in the city. But marijuana is still illegal in Canada—wait, what? Here’s what’s up with weed in Vancouver, BC.

Grandmas getting high for the first time? Check. Ex-Cops? Check. Now, a mother and her son get high together for the first time! Check it out!

The Nightly Show’s marijuana legalization segment with Dr. Carl Hart, Adam Carrola, Roland Martin and Michelle Buteau is very informative and entertaining!

If you’re like us, these facts are going to make you question a lot of what you know about biology, history, society — really everything. You’re welcome.

Katelyn Lambert’s father went outside of Australian law to save his daughter’s life and ends up sparking $33.7m in funding for medical cannabis research.

If one thing’s for certain, it’s that our food landscape is victim to a thick layer of deceptive marketing. Don’t fall for these common health food myths!

Fortunately, you don’t have to track down your grower. Watch this short video to learn how to test your marijuana for proper flushing in seconds.

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