These are so great. Enjoy these perfectly ridiculous anti-cannabis commercials and relish in the realization of how far we’ve already come.

Watch this 2 minute video on how to make a pipe out of something almost always on hand: your every day pen. It doesn’t get much more practical than that!

While there’s no study stating that Eek A Mouse’s song “Weed, Weed” puts you in a blissful state, intuition informs us there’s a 99% of that happening.

Did you know that by supporting cannabis legalization you are also protecting our oceans? Check out this educational short about the great big blue.

Debates are always amusing, especially when they deal with the war on marijuana. Watch Dr. Carl Hart and Patrick Kennedy face-off in the name of cannabis!

Everyone loves Zach Galifianakis. And if you somehow don’t, you clearly missed this clip. Watch Galifianakis light up a joint on Bill Maher’s live TV show.

Located in California, Cannabis Creamery produces cannabis ice cream that is already becoming a major hit. See for yourself where all the magic happens!

Hardcore OG — sounds potent right? Watch Weedmaps’ Gil and Berner grind up some flowers and enjoy a joint plus some milky bong rips.

Yes, veterinary medicine has began to embrace marijuana for pets. However, the road looks long and fraught with obstacles — this video explains why.

Professional chefs? Check. Delicious 4-course meal? Check. Cannabis? Check. Welcome to the first official Cannaisseur Dinner Party!

It’s always awesome to see a process of anything involving cannabis. More specifically, it’s awesome to see a process of making edibles involving hash.

Watch Snoop Dogg+ Cheech and Chong, two of the biggest icons in cannabis history, get baked and share hilarious stories. This isn’t one you want to miss.

Enter SilverPeak’s High Valley Farm in Colorado, one of the most state-of-the-art greenhouses. Enjoy the tour of this beautiful greenhouse.

Everyone has it. Their precious. The holy grail of bongs. The one bong to rule them all. The only issue is keeping it as beautiful as it’s supposed to be. If you want to keep your baby clean, we’ve got some tips for you.

Smoking up in sports is more prevalent than you think—star athletes enjoy cannabis too, and not just for medical reasons. Here are some of them.

Put a marijuana enthusiast in a smoke spot with no papers, rigs or bongs and all of a sudden they’re the most creative human being in the world. If you’re interested in seeing what the true cannabis connoisseurs do, check out these crafty ways of lighting up.

You thought it couldn’t get easier than the McDonald’s drive-through, but in fact it does. This Egg McMuffin hack will save you from both getting dressed and social interaction with strangers — the bane of stoned mornings.

Cheese-stuffed? Please, that’s child’s play — we’re talking second-dinner crusts. What we would give to try all of these nutty creations while stoned.

What do cats, introverts, and cannabis enthusiasts have in common? We value our alone time. Watch how nothing will keep this cat from some peace and quiet.

A team places a large mirror in the jungle and records animals seeing their reflection for the first time. Their minds are blown, and it’s awesome.

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