So what exactly the difference is between marijuana wax, budder and shatter? Read on for a break down of these potent cannabis concentrates.

Regular customers account for roughly 85% of cannabis dispensary revenue, but aren’t being rewarded for their loyalty. Baker is trying to change that.

México is a dynamic country with a lot to offer, including a rich history in cannabis. Here’s what you should know about the culture of marijuana México.

No, marijuana is not a gateway drug. But to fully explain why it isn’t, there a few things to consider.

We love weed hacks. So here are 7 of them.

Cannabis is the most versatile plant out there—in fact, there is said to be 50,000 commercial uses for it. So you think you’re a marijuana master? Read on to find out about 15 pot products that will blow your mind.

Notorious for her proliferation of weed fear-mongering, Grace delivers on all accounts in an angsty clip in which 2 Chainz cushions her blows like a champ.

Weed penalties range drastically across the US, from no penalty all the way up to felonies. Where does your state fall?

Recreational cannabis purchasing is new for everyone. Follow these quick and easy tips to ensure a smooth, pleasurable experience for all parties involved.

You may want to turn your volume down a smidge, while Shia LaBeouf screams inspiration at you for one minute. Stop with the excuses — JUST DO IT.

In a display of pure flamboyance and excess, 2 Chainz hunts down the most expensive joint for an installment of his Most Expensivest Shit series.

Non-smokers are not inclined to medicate with a joint, but an infused cookie is something they’re familiar with. Are edibles our future of the industry?

This Weedmaps creation is 6 minutes of pure delight. In this world, cannabis is the accepted drug and alcohol-consumers are resented by elitist weed snobs.

Another novelty springs up from Colorado, making cannabis enthusiasts in the rest of the world green with envy. The latest? Cannabis facials.

Ever wanted to see the biggest dab to be consumed in under 5 minutes? This 22 gram (yes 22 gram) dab will leave you in shock.

biggest dab

Step inside of one of the cannabis industry’s largest dispensaries. Out of all the places you’d want to tour, Medicine Man is the one.

Yes, we know it’s hard to say “I want to regulate and legalize all drugs.” However, this video offers an interesting perspective to think about.

Well, this is a new one: marijuana vs. molly. See which substance wins based on one guy’s performance over five different activity tests.

We’ve all heard about the latest health trend: vaping. But just how much better is it for you exactly? Time to find out.

Take 3 minutes to be amazed by the extent which cannabis transforms your everyday life and overall well-being. Then roll a joint, you healthy son of a gun.

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