Watch the guys at Rosenberg’s Bagels in Denver make cannabis-infused smoked salmon for their 4/20 celebration and try not to drool everywhere.

Yes, you read that correctly. The first weed hotel has officially opened in Denver. Now just wait until everyone else follows suit…

If you’re currently living without safe access, here’s your chance to see what the dispensary experience is all about. Is it all you’d hoped it would be?

In a 18-12 vote, a Senate Committee approved an amendment that will allow veterans access to medical marijuana by way of their Veterans Affairs doctors.

As one of the most loved videos that has hit the Internet, it is easy to see why. Three grandmas, one bong, and one vape = an incredibly entertaining video.

You don’t hear about stuff like this everyday. Listen to President Barack Obama speak on marijuana legalization in response to an inquisitive Jamaican.

This cannabis chef has invented a way of making odorless marijuana and tasteless cannabutter. It’s the start of a new innovation in cannabis culinary.

As the greatest experiment of the 21st century, Colorado is already ahead of history with the cannabis industry. But how well is it all going?

Joe Rogan digs into the truth behind cannabis prohibition, unveiling the players who have a vested interest in its exclusion from the competitive market.

Listen to Rogan drop some gold insights on how to manage the judgments potheads face on a daily basis, the similarity between the marijuana high and surfing a wave, and how the plant does not dictate a person’s success one way or the other.

Joe Rogan makes you feel simultaneously larger than life and as small as an infinitesimal spec with his psychedelic dialogue on the phenomena of life.

Coltyn Turner has Crohn’s disease. At 15 years old and facing a diseased colon, Turner succinctly demonstrates the effect of his cannabis treatment.

In the wise words of the comedian, “It’s just a plant. It just grows like that, and if you just so happen to set it on fire, there are some effects.”

Eye candy is a treat in any mental state, but while feeling the effects of cannabis, it’s like chocolate mousse for your retina. And a slow-mo fire explosion is sensually rich.

Explaining mind alteration is one of the greatest challenges plaguing drug liberation. Simple yet powerful, these 12 images illustrate your brain on drugs.

We’re unsure whether this is a fireman’s dream or our own personal dream, but we’re pretty sure there’s no better possible fire than one feeding off a bunch of marijuana plants.

As if you needed another reason to support the end of cannabis prohibition, Miron states that legalization would reduce violence, prostitution, and AIDS. And that’s not all.

If financially shrewd dealer Donnie in Prohibited State USA faces the risk of arrest for every delivery, you can bet he’s not selling the cheapest weed.

In this 40 minute lecture, Alan Watts breaks down drugs and addiction and their relationship, revealing the simple truth so few understand.

Stoners love Alan Watts. Arguably the greatest philosopher of our time, this profound 4 minute video, The Real You, will leave you stunned and speechless.

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