Yes there are smoke rings, French inhales and other smoke tricks. But this is one you will want to watch and try yourself.

Anyone need to hear the greatest argument against the War on Drugs? Well here you go. Retired police Captain Peter Christ will blow you away with his logic.

It’s true: couples who smoke together often have stronger relationships. Here’s why stoner couples have a better time both inside and outside the bedroom.


There is no doubt that George Soros is the largest supporter of drug reform in the world. Whether you agree with his political views or not, he continues to impress us. Here are some facts about this influential individual.

As of May 2015, 23 states have legalized or decriminalized marijuana. So what does the future of cannabis consumption look like? Read on for a compilation of projections.

In a comparison of Canada’s restrictive and unregulated marijuana market to Denver’s thriving regulated market, it is easy to see why Canada needs change.

We’re all on the same on cloud – we all have weed problems, and we are the only ones who can understand them. Which ones have you experienced?

Yes, Chelsea Handler now consumes weed. Listen to her story about her first edible experience that she will certainly never forget.

It is always a big debate – alcohol vs. weed. But regardless of your choice, see if you can identify what type of drunk or high you are at parties.

Marijuana legalization and same-sex marriage may not seem like identical issues to you, but they are. See why these two issues will inevitably prevail.

Something isn’t right here. Marijuana businesses in 23 states are projected to make $3 billion per year, but yet one major blockade is in their way.

In an essential video for those who have no knowledge about marijuana and for those that do, 2 1/2 minutes never felt so informative.

Missouri can’t give back 22 years of Jeff Mizanskey’s life that he wasted for a life sentence over marijuana. But his commutation is a great start.

The marijuana industry is huge, and now that people are finally starting to realize it, bud businesses are sparking up all over the place. Interested in knowing what’s hot right now? Here are 8 companies to watch out for.

Our mistress MaryJane goes by many names all over the world. Here are some of them.

Cannabis oil is becoming acknowledged as a highly effective treatment for children with severe epilepsy, little short of a miracle for many families.

What happens when Snoop Dogg and Willie Nelson meet up in Amsterdam on 4/20 and go to KFC together? Listen to Snoop tell this hilarious story.

What could be better than watching three ex-cops smoke marijuana in Washington state? Not much at all. Have we found the antidote to police brutality?

Think you know how to wake and bake? Well think again. Jane’s Brew has taken cannabis coffee to a whole new level.

If this statistic doesn’t make you question marijuana’s illegality while alcohol is advertised excessively, then we’re not sure how to help you.

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