Typically the term “stoner” describes someone who is laid back and frequently smokes weed—perhaps to the point of having no ambition. But what do we know about where the word comes from, and how it’s used?

Although factors of relationship longevity vary, many stoner couples claim that the quality and happiness of their relationship is heightened by their third lover—Mary Jane. And there’s even some research to back it up. Do couples that smoke together, stay together?

It might seem that cannabis and yoga wouldn’t make a great match, considering most people don’t associate physical activity with marijuana. However, combining the two may lead to increased relaxation, deeper awareness, and greater ability to hold poses.

Funny or obscure blazing spots vary, but there are some that are just too wild to ignore. Here are 10 crazy (or funny, depending on your high-perspective) places to smoke weed.

Not only do our top 8 grinders stop you from getting sticky fingers, they are also great conversation starters. From classy “dime” pieces to battery powered “bud bugs,” these grinders bust up your weed with force and finesse

Whether pro-legalization of marijuana or against it, almost everyone has an opinion about marijuana use. From Tupac to Hugh Hefner, here are 25 of the most inspirational weed quotes we’ve heard.

Some gifs are funny because they make a point, but some are funny just because you’re high. Here are 15 hilarious weed gifs.

Not only are spliffs better for achieving a more subdued high, many people also mix in tobacco for the taste. If you’re looking to try out a spliff, here’s a step by step guide to rolling one.

Rolling the perfect blunt isn’t always easy. From matching the amount of bud with the blunt wrapper to mastering the rolling technique, we’re here to share some of our tips and tricks to getting it right every time.

To some, Charlotte’s Web may only be a reference to a children’s book. To individuals suffering from serious illnesses, it is a strain of live-changing cannabis. Named after a young girl whose story made the strain of medical marijuana famous, here’s the story of Charlotte’s Web.

When you’re itching for a great high, the last thing you want to do is spend more time than necessary rolling the perfect joint. Lucky for you, we’ve broken down all the necessary steps to crafting a jay, the quick and easy way—all within 3 minutes.

From being super-high in Super High Me to The Dude abiding in the Big Lebowski, here are 5 of the best weed related movies on Netflix today.

For thousands of years we have utilized either marijuana or hemp in one way or another throughout society, but today it is taboo to even talk about allowing it back in. However, cannabis has not only been a valuable crop in the United States, but has provided many uses around the world as well. Here’s a brief history of this versatile, controversial, and powerful plant.

Looking for the cannabis experience of a lifetime? Well the search is over, World Cannabis Week is your Ticket-To-The-City during 4/20 week in Denver! As a cannabis entrepreneur or enthusiast, create your own customized 420 experience as you immerse yourself in cannabis through entertainment, business, and culture.

An alternative to smoking, vaporizers have been around in various forms since the 1960s, but have only recently caught on in popular culture. Combining new (and some old) tech while providing a healthier alternative to enjoying marijuana, the hype behind vaporizers is not overblown. Here’s why.

Whether you’re a consumer, a medical patient, an industry member, or someone completely new to the industry, Leafly has the tools you need to educate yourself on every facet of the cannabis world. Available on Android and iOS, as well as on the web, you can access Leafly almost anywhere!

Here are 5 of the craziest sentences for possession, or as we call them, 5 cases calling for marijuana reform ASAP.

Even if you aren’t a marijuana aficionado, you’ve probably still seen several images of the candy-like pieces created from cannabis concentrates floating around the web. With entire online communities dedicated to celebrating this new and functional form of art, we’re showcasing some of the best dab art we’ve seen.

Who says stoners don’t have style? Literally no one. With so much marijuana-themed apparel, anyone can rock out his or her favorite marijuana symbols to make and match a cute outfit. Here are our picks for best marijuana accessories.

It was tough to choose our favorite stoner characters since there are so many great stoner movies, but we managed. Here are 7 of the best.

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