While it’s always good to have a healthy debate, some people can’t avoid bringing up crazy facts. Want to avoid those people? Watch out for them making any of these arguments against legalization.

So you’ve practiced and nailed the usage of the beginner and intermediate terms, now it’s time to find out what all the big kids are talking about.

Have you passed the beginner test? Time to move onto the second lesson of Rosetta Stoner and practice using these terms.

With the legalization of cannabis spreading globally, education is key. Part of this education is looking at the history and the origins of marijuana use. Here are some key (and surprising!) facts.

With its growing popularity, you might want to try your hand at making edibles. Don’t fret! The process isn’t too hard and you won’t need too many crazy supplies to get started.

We know watching TV shows while baked is a great pastime. But what’s even better is when there’s a character who you identify with perfectly… due to their cannabis-loving ways. Here are some favs.

Chilling out in front of the television screen while getting baked is a winning combination. These are some stoner-friendly TV shows in which cannabis is a main plot point in the story.

Any type of food show can be dangerous to watch while getting baked—talk about munchies! But can you imagine how much better they’d be if the hosts were just as baked as you?

Let’s be real, most of our New Year’s resolutions have either been forgotten or abandoned by now. Why not make some fun ones that you can keep?

Video games and cannabis are known to stimulate creativity. Here are some examples of when you should put the two together.

Think you know a lot about cannabis? Well, check out this trivia and see if you’re truly the king of cannabis!

Culled from the leaves and buds of cannabis, the very intoxicating ‘bhang’ is consumed as a beverage in India, while also serving as one of the major origins of eating cannabis.

When most people hear the word “Rastafari,” they think of Bob Marley, smoking ganja and dreadlocks. However, it’s actually a pretty serious philosophy. Here are some things to know about the culture.

In honour of the first legally sanctioned sales of cannabis for recreational use in modern history, we have rounded up some of the most significant moments for cannabis in 2014.

We all have our own favorite foods when we get the munchies. Whether you’re craving ice cream or potato chips, have a look at some of these popular classics.

Having the munchies and staying healthy at the same time might seem impossible, but check out some of these healthy options that can help.

With so many popular rolling papers hitting the market these days, do you ever wonder which is the best option? Well, here’s a look at some of the best that are available today.

Imagine being at a holiday gathering with a cannabis-infused dinner course. Make it happen with this easy guide to setting up your own ganja dinner party.

What’s great about cooking with cannabis for the holiday season is how versatile an ingredient it is. With a healthy dose of cannabutter or oil, the edible possibilities are endless!

Grab your favourite munchie, kick back, and get ready to enjoy some major entertainment, courtesy of YouTube.

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