Culture is giving us all $20 off their Magical Butter machine with the discount code, STONER. To celebrate, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite recipes that use MagicalButter. Try ’em out!

THC doesn’t work unless you’ve decarboxylated it first. That’s why simply eating bud doesn’t result in a psychoactive effect. Here are 10 recipes to help you get the bang from your bud!

From being a plant used for almost everything, to being an illegal drug, to being thought of as medicine, marijuana law has changed time & time again. See just how much things have changed.

Smoking might be the most popular way to consume marijuana, but it’s not the only way. Even when it comes to smoking, there are many methods. Check out these ways marijuana can be consumed.

Getting relaxed often entails a bad case of the munchies. Luckily, a satisfying snack doesn’t necessarily have to be gourmet, as we think these quick recipes will hit the spot regardless.

High Times has a site for you no matter how high you are. Scroll through and enjoy!

Who doesn’t love dressing up for Halloween? If you’re stumped for ideas, here are some costumes for the marijuana-lover.

Whether you’re using marijuana for medical or recreational purposes, it’s in your best interest to be responsible. Leafly gives us a few tips to help you stay on top of things!

Leave the trick-or-treating to the kids, but don’t forget to treat yourself! Try out some of these not-so-spooky, in-season Halloween pot-infused recipes!

As the debate over legalizing marijuana heats up, many continue to dispute the value of marijuana as a treatment for various ailments. shows us a much clearer story.

While the words may be synonymous for recreational users, there is a difference: hemp is mostly used for industrial & cannabis more for medical purposes. explains the differences.

Dr. Hart has studied abuse & addiction for 16 years & has realized that what is accepted as fact regarding drugs is little more than propaganda. Here are 10 quotes from his interview with High Times.

While many people view smoking pot as a pastime, there are actually quite a few scientifically-supported reasons why women should pick up the habit, inspired by High Times.

The marijuana industry has come under fire for being a boys club, but women have begun to gain significant traction. introduces us to 5 great women making a difference.

In the first 2 months after legalization, Colorado made $3.4M in tax revenues. They estimate making another $184M in the next 18 months. Looking to cash in? We have a few tips for you courtesy of High Times.

The following list is comprised of animated TV shows that go fluently with the euphoria and carefreeness of cannabis.

You might have heard of it by one of its names: Bliss, Blaze, fake weed, etc. Either way, using synthetic marijuana can have deadly consequences. outlines some key points for us.

The 35th instalment in High Time’s series, these videos are filled with all things cute, funny and downright trippy. We swapped out the private Vimeo link for a surprise.

Let’s be real, bongs are essentially working art pieces. A good bong can not only pack a punch, but also keep you entertained for hours. Here are 15 of the craziest bongs we could find.

Between affiliation with American Presidents, to usage as car fuel, and even being declared as sacred, you’d be surprised at how rich the history of this infamous plant is. Who would have thunk?

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