Even if you’re the law, if you post something on social media, prepare to be called out. Like these cops were with their weak weed busts.

Canada remains divided as they attempt to agree on not only where to sell the weed, but also the minimum age you must be to smoke it.


One mother has come forward with inside knowledge of the synthetic cannabis trade, revealing that the problem is much worse than everyone realizes.

synthetic cannabis

Anomalies in an X-ray image led to a closer examination by border agents that involved one bar of chocolate, and a rubber mallet.


Puerto Rico has the music, the culture, and now, the weed. But will it be able to become a tourist mecca or flounder in red tape?

Puerto Rico

While it is fun to branch out and try new methods, many prefer to stick to the classics, like joints. Here are 8 weed products just for you.


A new survey says that almost half the people who use CBD products stop using traditional medications, whether it’s over-the-counter or prescription drugs.

CBD Products

The small town of Nipton, California is being transformed into Weedville, the first weed-friendly, energy-dependent destination in the United States.


Apparently, cereal boxes don’t make for an excellent spot to hide roughly two pounds of high-grade pot as this Californian man found out.

Cereal Boxes

Last week, Kennan Jones from Dallas was beaten, after asking a man to stop smoking weed on the train he was traveling on.

Kennan Jones

Unlike cannabis, there are plenty of over-the-counter drugs that can kill you. Here are three of them that you might want to rethink taking.


That’s right, Cards Against Humanity and the Marijuana Policy Project have joined forces to support the effort to legalize cannabis in Illinois.

Cards Against Humanity

There’s a light at the end of the tunnel for players, as the NFL looks at research into cannabis as a pain management tool.

pain management

Alcohol distributors have fought tooth and nail to get their cut of the action, and in Sin City, the liquor lobby gets what it wants

liquor lobby

From choosing the right place and the right time to expecting the unexpected, here are some tips for coming out of the cannabis closet to your parents.


Searching for some sweet local cannabis deals? What about events? The new Groupon for weed can help you find the best cannabis goods near you.

daily leaf

There are over 700 strains of weed out there. Imagine attempting to sit down and draw each and every one. Artist Todd Pearl is setting out to do just that.

Ezra Soiferman is the world’s first cannabis artist-in-residence. He shares his inspiration, his journey, and his masterpieces in this exclusive interview.

Ezra Soiferman

Just what are the five biggest emerging trends in the cannabis industry? While some will be obvious, you’ll probably be surprised at some.

Emerging Trends

The family of the young man claims that US Customs and Border Protection agents coerced him into drinking liquid meth that resulted in his death.

liquid meth

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