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Cannabis prohibition might be celebrating its eightieth birthday, but cannabis acceptance has never been higher.

Cannabis Prohibition

A recent survey by TVape found that 86% of people they surveyed said they felt better after vaporizing as compared to smoking.

In the second episode of “Smoke Sessions,” the new weekly video series from Herb, three women get high and talk about Trump.

Smoke Sessions

Summer is almost over. But it’s not too late to grab your closest pals, load up the car, and cruise on a cannabis summer road trip.

road trip

New research from Washington State University sought to test the merits of old assumptions when asking, are stoners really more chill?


If you’ve been around cannabis for longer than five seconds, you’ve probably taken a side in the debate: what’s more effective: big bong rips or small hits?

Big Bong Rips

Lloyd’s of London is blaming weed for Kanye’s canceled tour in 2016. For that reason, the rapper is now suing them for refusing to pay.

Kanye west

No matter how you decide to enjoy cannabis, one thing is for sure: you want to absorb the most THC possible! Here’s how to increase your THC absorption.

THC Absorption

For someone who has referred to themselves as a Christian and a mean-spirited bigot in the same sentence, Ann Coulter’s views aren’t surprising.

Ann Coulter

In the debut episode of “Smoke Sessions,” Herb’s all-new weekly video series, three women talk about just how medical marijuana is helping them.

Smoke Sessions

From struggling to submit last minute assignments to letting the dishes pile up, you’ve definitely put these things off doing when you were high.


Maybe you knew, or maybe you didn’t. Nevertheless, Drake’s father apparently has the voice of an angel, and the internet cannot stop talking about it.

Kinda Crazy

Oakland has begun the groundbreaking process of offering amends to those individuals incarcerated for certain cannabis crimes.


Smoke Sessions features a unique format; a group of strangers is brought together to consume cannabis and engage in conversation and activities.

Smoke Sessions

Senator Cory Booker has introduced a landmark bill that would eliminate marijuana’s federal Schedule I status and incentivize state-based legalization.

Senator Cory Booker

We sure have come a long way since the 60s and 70s. If you were a grass smoker back in the hippy days, then here are 10 things you’ll understand.


Recreational marijuana sales going live on July 1 has been super exciting for Las Vegas’ residents, tourists, and the local economy.

Las Vegas

When you’re high, awesome music is a must. Music enhances the cannabis experience, so enjoy these 10 trips songs to listen to when you’re high.

Trippy Songs

To The Cloud Vapor Store offers trial periods and lifetime trade ins on the world’s best vaporizers so you can make sure you get the right vaporizer.

To The Cloud

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