Whether you’re new to the world of weed or are looking to try out a new piece, here are the differences between the most popular smoking methods today.

Smoking Methods

With Canadian officials wary of a Canada Day legalization date, recreational cannabis could arrive sooner than expected.

Canada Day

Here’s another great selection of #WeedMemes to get you through the week.


The next time you cuddle up on the couch to Netflix and chill with Mary Jane, check out these five documentaries that will make you smarter.


As you plan your highly anticipated visit to Colorado, you are going to need some guidance. Here is the complete weed smokers guide to visiting Colorado.


Whether you’re looking for an adorable, handmade grinder or just want to see some cool 420-friendly stuff, here are 10 super cute and crafty weed things.

crafty weed things

The leader of California’s cannabis industry has confirmed that growers produce eight times the amount of weed actually consumed in the state.

As weed becomes legalized across the country, it is bound to become entangled with the debate over whether sexual consent can be granted if someone is high.

Sexual Consent

CBD can help treat all sorts of conditions, from acne to Alzheimer’s. Prestige CBD guarantees the quality you want and skips the flavor you don’t.

Prestige CBD

As Halloween approaches, the days start to get shorter, which is the perfect time to discover some new horror movies that are about to be released.

horror movies

Being told there was nothing doctors could do, the parents of ten-year-old Hailey Steward turned to cannabis oil, and the results are staggering.

Hailey Steward

This weekend, there will be some upset inmates that won’t be scrolling, smoking or snorting, as the high-tech delivery drone system failed.

From the toxic chemicals found within to the health risks users experience, here are 4 dangers you should know about synthetic cannabis.

synthetic cannabis

Remember, nobody ever died from smoking weed. But there are still some risks – albeit, very small ones – that come with inhaling smoke.


So, you want to work in a dispensary? Sure, working with cannabis all day sounds dreamy. It isn’t always that way though.


In the latest video of Cut’s “Strange Buds” series, three grandpas get elevated for the first time, which you have to see.


While Wiz has always been known to smoke up, you might not have known that he is now training in MMA, which he gets elevated to do.


Scores of experiments have sought to prove that weed leads to impulsivity, hostility, poorer overall moods and bad-decision making.

Mood Swings

Earlier this year, Germany passed one of the world’s most progressive medical cannabis plans. Has it made an effect on the prices per gram?


While there are many reasons to love the Fab Four, there is one reason you may not have known – the Beatles helping champion the use of cannabis.


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