A PSB survey sheds some light on how Canadian’s can handle their cannabis better than their southerly big brother.


These hacks will not only make it easier to smoke weed, but they will help make it much more enjoyable, which is what really matters.


Cannabis was used as a women’s health aid for centuries. Unfortunately, many women are estranged from this history. These California women have a solution.

women's health

From encouraging you to roll out of bed to improving your focus, here are seven ways weed can actually help boost your productivity.


Namaste Technologies proudly supports Vapes4Vets, a site devoted to sharing the experiences of veterans and offering discounts on the tools vets need.

Santa Cruz Veterans Alliance

Michael Fassbender plays a detective that’s hunting a serial killer known as “The Snowman,” in this adaptation of Jo Nesbø’s Nordic Noir.

Michael Fassbender

Habit’s CBD tinctures are specifically formulated to amplify the healing capacity of cannabinoids, effectively expanding their therapeutic benefits.

CBD tinctures

The Canadian government is preparing to legalize recreational cannabis next spring, but what will be the environmental impacts of such a huge industry?

growing weed

Last week, an episode of Jay Leno’s Garage saw the host discover and drive the Renew, a revolutionary sports car made from woven hemp.

Jay Leno

Morgan Freeman has spoken about his use of weed in the past, and continues to do, seeing the benefits of its use and legalization.

Morgan Freeman

If you really want to indulge, you can now purchase some 420 for $420 thanks to these cannagars. But what ingredients are used to warrant such a price?


While it assumes the name, synthetic cannabis is nothing like weed. There is a real danger with synthetic cannabis, which has seen a spate of recent deaths.

Synthetic Cannabis

While it officially debuted at San Diego Comic-Con, the new trailer for the second season of Netflix’s “Stranger Things” is now online.

Stranger Things

If something promises to give you the best orgasms of your life, who wouldn’t be curious? Here are eight things to know about cannabis lube.

Cannabis Lube

During a police stop in Washington, a driver was found to have 54 times the legal limit of THC in his system, say locals authorities.

legal limit

If you live in a typical household, chances are you’ll already have these seven household products, which will come in handy when toking.

Whether they’re selling coke, crack or smack, you have to wonder if dealers care about their customers once the transaction is over.

Drug Dealers

What happens if concentrates sit around for a while? Users don’t often discuss concentrate shelf life, but we all want to get the most out of our purchases.

Concentrate Shelf Life

Some of these references to weed in kids’ TV shows might not have been so obvious when you were a kid. But hindsight makes things a lot clearer.

TV shows

If you can’t get enough of 2017’s favorite mystical creature, then you’re going to want to check out Katie Marks’ adorable unicorn pipes.

Unicorn Pipes

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