Some of these references to weed in kids’ TV shows might not have been so obvious when you were a kid. But hindsight makes things a lot clearer.

TV shows

If you can’t get enough of 2017’s favorite mystical creature, then you’re going to want to check out Katie Marks’ adorable unicorn pipes.

Unicorn Pipes

These days, wearing the herb is more stylish than it’s ever been. In fact, some cannabis-inspired lifestyle brands are really making a statement.

Cannabis-Inspired Lifestyle Brands

More powerful than THC? Dimethylheptylpyran is a synthetic cannabis compound that provides sedation for two days but has some serious downsides.


If you’re looking to transform your beauty regime, then here are 10 cannabis cosmetics that will help you achieve an ultimate weed makeover.

weed makeover

In an attempt to stave off drug use at a young age, the DEA will begin offering a special prize to the Boy and Girl Scouts of America.


Snoop has just rolled out POUNDS, a collection of high-end glass devices designed to elevate the weed smokers’ experience.


These days, finding the right bong is as easy as scrolling on your phone, which is what makes these vintage bong advertisements even more unique.

vintage bong advertisements

The NBA has always had a long feud with cannabis use, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some quotes from the stars that give off some heavy stoner vibes.

NBA Stars

Through his art, Daniel Fetcho is working to dispel the stereotypical stoner culture, creating paintings that use traditional Chinese techniques.

Daniel Fetcho

You have your stash, and you’re ready to elevate, but then you discover you have no lighter. Don’t panic! There are alternatives to using a butane lighter.

Butane Lighter

A Canadian biotech company and licensed producer of medical cannabis, Beleave has developed a unique approach to cannabinoid extraction and recovery.


Want to easily smoke from a bong that will also store everything you need? The AphaPuff Kit has you covered from beginning to end.

At the present time, singer Aaron Carter is facing not only a DUI but also drug charges after being pulled over by north Georgia police. Is fame to blame?

Aaron Carter

Whether it’s medicinal or recreational weed, there are a variety of ways to protect children from exposure and ensure a little privacy for the parents.


Whether you’re in need of a new grinder or a stash jar for your buds, you don’t need to hit up your local headshop for these things.


Whether they have been diagnosed by a medical professional, or experience day-to-day anxiety, cannabis is an answer for some people looking for relief.


From an upside down canoe to a bathroom at 30,000 feet, here are 10 weird and wonderful places people have hotboxed which might just inspire you.


Now that it’s legal in Colorado, the state’s drug-sniffing canines might be to be retrained, as a recent court case proves.


Getting your grind on is an older tradition than you think. Check out the evolution of today’s must-have weed grinders and treat yourself to a new one.

Weed Grinders

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