The Emmys are still roughly two months away, but it’s never too early to get you pumped up. Here is a closer look at this year’s hip-hop nominees.

Police in North Dakota arrested a 29-year-old man early Wednesday after officers said he tried to sell grass clippings he was passing off as weed.

grass clippings

If you are beyond fed up with trying to clean off that sticky mess they call resin, then here are the best ways to get rid of it once and for all.

From your on point rolling skills to your extensive variety of devices, here are 10 things you’ll get if you’re a seasoned toker.

seasoned toker

You can never know too much about weed. From how to properly store your bud to the best ways to spark it, here is the complete guide to enjoying cannabis.


For his latest single, “Glorius,” Macklemore helped celebrate his grandmother’s 100th birthday, by taking her out for a day of partying.


Canadian DJ Duo Young Wold Hatchlings have released their debut EP, and you need to check it out!

Young Wolf Hatchlings

Don’t miss your chance to play kickball in Denver with some of the world’s top professional athletes with a cannabis twist!


Perhaps if you aren’t enjoying quality time with only you and your pot, then maybe you just aren’t doing it right. Time to step up your solo sesh game.

sesh game

The ideal temperature of bong water has been endlessly debated. Today, we will set the record straight: is hot or cold water better for you and your bong?

cold water

Do you remember watching TV in the nineties, the time before on-demand entertainment and instant access to almost anything?


Tenants are being warned they could be evicted for smoking weed in their homes as part of a city-wide crackdown on cannabis use.


Micro-dosing is one of the most important and often overlooked aspects of using cannabis to improve sexuality and intimacy.


From the basic, such as keeping your stash in your bra or hat, to the far more ingenious, here are five ways of how people are smuggling party aids.


Earlier this year, Woody Harrelson surprised many by saying he was giving up weed. But it seems that it wasn’t a long-term goal.

Woody Harrelson

Lyon police tore up a public art installation designed to transform a derelict patch of land after officers mistook it for a cannabis farm.


Snack-themed ceramic pipes offer a new way to play with your food. Artist Noël Morical makes adorable pipes that are good enough to eat.

Noël Morical

Genius Pipe has crafted a Genius Taster, the domeless titanium nail that goes wherever you do. What will those geniuses think of next?

Genius Taster

Kylie Jenner isn’t the first of the Kardashian family to be seen smoking weed. But that isn’t stopping the internet from making it a huge deal.

Kylie Jenner

After defying the odds and becoming the first person to receive a cannabis prescription in the UK, Billy Caldwell is being honored.

Billy's Bud

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