With new vapes coming to market, there are lots of options for your vaping needs. In the battle between the Davinci IQ and Arizer Solo II, who will win?

Davinci IQ

If you’re one of many weed smokers that have been to Costco while stoned, then here are 10 thoughts you probably had at the time.


Who needs a friend when you have your noggin? For your amusement, here are 10 conversations you have with your brain when you’re high.


As more people come to know the joy of cannabis, a looming question presents itself. Which is better for new smokers; bongs or pipes? Let’s do a breakdown.


The legality of hemp-derived CBD products became solid by the 2013 Farm Bill, But that isn’t stopping the DEA from violating federal law.


Michael McShane has had three different types of cancer and HIV. He’s still alive, and fighting for the rights of others, thanks to cannabis oil.

Michael McShane

If the success of Kendrick Lamar’s merchandise is anything like his top-selling album of the year, then it’s safe to say sales will be on fire.

Kendrick Lamar

In an age where almost everybody is connected, at all times, you might forget how the Internet was used in the early part of the millennium.


Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) stays in your system for a very long time. Looking for the perfect detoxing products? Rapid Clear has your back.

For any number of reasons, you might decide to step down your cannabis use. Here’s how to cut back, along with how long it will take to achieve your goal.

Cannabis Use

Throughout the U.S., people are becoming interested in using CBD as a natural and attractive alternative to the harmful pharmaceuticals on the market.


From the unique to the just plain weird, when driving across the United States, there really is something for everyone to look at while high.


Even though it’s 15 years since the last installment, it seems that the next film in “Friday” series isn’t too far away, as Ice Cube explains.

Last Friday

Several cases of job loss after failing workplace drug tests for legal medicinal use have incensed patients. Now, they are fighting back – and winning.

workplace drug tests

Two distinct aromas have been swirling about in Nevada this past week; the smells of pot and success. And boy do they smell sweet!


High Science: Using FDA-approved edible plastic filament, Potent Rope lets you print your own edibles from the comfort of your own home.

Potent Rope

As legalization continues to push forward, the contact high is being more closely examined as people wonder what impacts their smoking may have.

This week, the beautiful island nation legalized medical cannabis. If green in Greece is what wets your whistle, make no mistake, it can be found.


Molly Kavanagh created ASCHE Industries in 2013. Her style, vision, and advice make her a stellar example of a strong Woman in Weed.

Molly Kavanagh

More time has passed since the release of “Dazed and Confused” than there was between the year it was set and when it hit cinema screens.


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