Just like the old English proverb states, where there’s a will, there’s a way. On that note, here are the 7 best ways to get away with smoking indoors.

smoking weed indoors

Roughly fourteen years since Toby Keith let the world know that his weed party with Willie Nelson was over, it turns out that it is most definitely back on.

Willie Nelson

The D.A.R.E program taught you how bad drugs are. To set the record straight, here are 7 truths about drugs that they should have taught you in school.


Paris’s iconic fashion boutique Colette showcased a line of pot products from Marley Natural, giving Parisiennes a closer look at the many uses of cannabis.


There’s an easy and affordable way to recycle cannabis with stuff you probably already have at home. It’s called the Balloon Method.

Sleek, secure, and practically sentient, say hello to the most advanced grow system in the world: Seedo. Pre-order yours now.


A hand touched my arm and a woman said, “Excuse me, I need help. This man is epileptic and he says he is about to have a grand maul seizure.”

Cannabis is the new dot com. There are some surprising facts about how the cannabis industry looks across America, here are 10 of them.


While many of the Founding Fathers definitely grew hemp, there is conflicting evidence out there to suggest they all actually smoked it.


The RAW Foundation recently helped finish the construction of 10 clean water wells in Ethiopia, providing 3,350 people with safe, clean water.


You only need one reason to drop everything and get elevated. But if you can’t think of one, here are ten that you can choose from.

Smoke Weed

Despite push-back from business owners, it looks like the city of Denver may begin accepting applications for cannabis clubs by the end of August.

Cannabis Clubs

Remember when days seemed like years, and you never thought you’d get old? Are you still feeling youthful? These ten facts will probably change that.


To celebrate National Bikini Day, for a hefty $10,000, you can rock a pizza bikini made entirely of your favorite food. And no, this is not a joke.

pizza bikini

From smoking a joint to using a CBD oil to replace harsher prescription drugs, the new-age daily cannabis consumer isn’t just chasing a high.


Some are just toking up less, while others are swearing it off altogether. From rappers to composers, these 10 famous stoners are laying down the pipe.

Famous Stoners

Here’s the scoop on what John Mayer has to say about smoking weed, and why he’s ditching alcohol in exchange for cannabis.

John Mayer

They won’t make you an official member of Team Zissou, but Adidas just launched the official signature shoe, which has obviously already sold out.


Dogs may be your best friend, but there’s no need to share your stash with your four-legged pal, as this video reinforces.


As you know, there are certain standards of cleanliness that every pot smoker should follow. But some gross moments are unavoidable.


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