The latest craze is wearing weed on your head. No, really. Cannabis floral crowns are a thing, and making your own is a breeze. Here’s how.

Cannabis Floral Crowns

When it comes to weed, people are going to believe what they want. But as you know, there’s a fine line between arguments facts and bullshit.


From the planned and posed, or just being at the right place at the right time, some photos are just meant to make people giggle.


The next time you smoke, check out one of these fine documentaries, which will be a welcome change from the same mind-numbing sitcoms or movies.


Las Vegas has a unique positionality as a tourist hub, so will this allow the city to eventually surpass Colorado’s sale figures?

Las Vegas

For some, waking up means smoking a bowl and eating a bowl of cereal. Now, there’s a way to combine the two, in the form of this genius breakfast bowl.

Breakfast Bowl

If you thought the most recent of anti-weed PSAs were silly, wait until you see these outrageous versions from the past 70 years.

Anti-Weed PSAs

Continuing the assault on nostalgia, this September, Nintendo is releasing the old but new Super NES Classic.

Super NES

Chance the Rapper deserves every bit of praise and honor that accompanied his 2017 presented to him on the 2017 BET Awards stage.

Chance the Rapper

The world of concentrates is complex, especially due to their potency. If you have a low tolerance, or smoke very casually, should you smoke concentrates?

Low Tolerance

Whether you’re looking for someone to smoke with or need to improve your joint rolling skills, YouTube – and these YouTubers have – your back.

Despite the legislative and cultural strides cannabis has made in recent years, the U.S. still has a long way to go to allow full access to its citizens.


From Snoop to Jeff Sessions (who definitely didn’t partake), all these people have some famous quotes about your favorite herb.

famous quotes

From having lithium and cocaine as ingredients to being the byproduct of Nazi Germany, here are 10 strange facts about sodas you probably didn’t know.


Many of us have experienced a bit of cannabis-induced paranoia at one point or another, but the reasons why might surprise you.


If you want to a chance to be featured in our weekly top 10, include the hashtag #HERBWeedPorn on your next beautiful display of your cannabis photography skills.


Not all inventions need to be the most technically advanced to be both useful and amazing, as these two products prove, helping make life easier.


In an episode of his new show, celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay visited a medical cannabis establishment and fell back on the stereotypical stoner for laughs.

Gordon Ramsay

Will the currently regulated producers be able to scale their business to supply all of Canada with weed once new recreational laws come into effect?


How much weed is too much weed? A recently conducted academic study published by the Journal of Alcohol and Drug Dependence claims to have the answer.


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