Given Las Vegas’ novelty culture, these classes seem tailor-made for the valley. One organization is becoming the gold-standard for weed tourists.

Las Vegas

If you’re looking to beat the heat the best way possible, then here are seven reasons why ice bongs will be the “hit” of your summer.

ice bongs

The cannabis lobby took a bit hit yesterday when it was announced that PNC Bank will close the bank accounts of the Marijuana Policy Project (MPP).

Marijuana Policy Project

If you’re one of the pot smoking princesses out there, that knows what she’s doing, then here are 7 things you’re probably tired of hearing.


Put your love for ganja to the ultimate test, and join Haley420 to take on 100 hits of weed. And yes, it’s going to get you super stoned.


Have you ever noticed yourself making funny faces while you toke? If so, then trust and believe that you aren’t the only one.


Forget Netflix for the night, then sit back and enjoy these ten classic and soon-to-be-classic music videos – while elevated, of course.

Music Videos

There’s a new service from Sega that allows you to play classic Sega games on your phone, with new games added every two weeks, and is free!


With the Golden Arches being as American as apple pie, there is no doubt that people of a certain age will remember these memories of McDonald’s.


Did you catch a glimpse of Rihanna’s sexy gladiator stilettos in “Wild Thoughts”? It turns out that they’re from her latest Manolo Blahnik collaboration.

Manolo Blahnik

While you probably won’t be inviting them over to smoke with you, a growing number of cops across America want cannabis legalized.


Three-second hits give your lungs time to transport those sweet cannabinoids to your blood stream and prevent your brain being starved of oxygen.


Not only did Miley blame her love for nipple pasties on pot, but also her lack of passion towards her music in the past. So is she against it or what?


So how do you resist the temptation to indulge yourself once the munchies hit you might ask? Here are six tips that should help.


If you’ve ever tried to stop smoking cigarettes, you’ve most likely experienced the discomfort of nicotine withdrawal. Turns out, CBD can help.


Aubrey Plaza blazed up with Sisters of the Valley – AKA “the Weed Nuns”, and both weed and religion are the big discussion topics.

Aubrey Plaza

Check out the magic that happened when Pizzanista! and G Pen launched their exciting new limited edition collaboration on 420.


If you’re someone who knows this struggle all too well, then here are eight things that have probably happened to you during work.


In case you’re curious as to what people are looking up these days, here are the eight most common weed searches of 2017 so far.


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