On this special edition of “Plizzanet Earth,” Snoop commentates on reptiles. More specifically, iguanas vs. snakes. You’ll want to be stoned for this one.

Plizzanet Earth

There are a lot of ways and places to smoke weed, but it doesn’t get much better than doing it in a good environment with cool people.


From a classic stoner comedy to a documentary that takes place at the center of the cannabis reform, Netflix has some great weed related entertainment.


Enjoying cannabis is all about hitting the sweet spot and being on your way to the perfect high. So, what is the staircase effect?

staircase effect

From praying that you don’t get busted to wondering if you’re being stared at, we’ve all had the nine thoughts when trying to smoke weed in public.


If you’re tired of toking on uneven joints, then here are six things you can do to make them burn just right so you can enjoy your weed.


If you have a great idea for the cannabis industry or a new product you want to share with the world, make sure you hire a marketing agency that rocks.

Cannabis Marketing Agency

Have you ever visited any of these dispensaries that are beautiful enough to sell exquisite jewelry or high-end technology?


Just like Colorado before it, California will soon have legal recreational cannabis, which should create a market that will be worth more than $5 billion.


You may think that eating raw weed is a good way to avoid it showing up on a drug test. Well, here’s why you need to think again.

Raw Weed

Let’s face it, there’s nothing fun or convenient about cleaning a dirty glass piece, but it’s a necessity to ensure the best smoking experience possible.


Cannabis-loving film buffs in the Big Apple rejoice: the touring CannaBus Culture Film Festival is back for Round 2 on June 22, 2017.

Forget about chucking those broken decks in the trash. Prism Guitars in San Francisco will make you an electric guitar from your broken skateboards.

Prism Guitars

Kelsey Darragh had tried almost everything to stop the chronic pain caused by a neurological condition, but she had not tried medical cannabis.

chronic pain

When a person finds something that they love, sometimes they will do the craziest things to prove their admiration, including weed smokers.


If you’re wondering how on earth you can make it work, then here are seven tips for dating a non-stoner even if you love weed.


Smoking weed makes people a lot more profound than usual. After a few hits of that sticky icky, you never know what thoughts will pop into your head.

With Father’s Day happening this week, there’s no better time to honor the ones that can both parent and smoke the ganja at the same time.

stoner dads

From soothing period pain to letting our worries roll away, here are 10 things all women who love cannabis can relate to.


Kenny Scharf is the influential cannabis-artist who created Denver’s Cannabis Church. He talked to HERB about his relationship with cannabis and art.

Kenny Scharf

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