Due to the fact that Airbnb has locations all over the country, it’s difficult for them to have a set policy when it comes to cannabis consumption.


Forget flipping burgers, or tutoring other students – this young entrepreneur has found the way to supporting herself through university.


Sessions’ position doesn’t reflect the facts and the consequences of his reinstatement of the war on drugs can have disastrous implications for the country.

Drug Epidemic

Summertime is here, which is more than enough of an excuse to pack your bags and have a safe, cannabis-filled summer of traveling and fun.


Run out of Iso and salt? This easy 4-step process using lemon juice could be a great last minute cleaning method for your bong if you’re stuck.


The father-and-son team of Ice Cube and O’Shea Jackson, Jr. are telling the story of Dock Ellis, the acid-tripping pitcher from baseball’s big leagues.

Dock Ellis

Just when you thought the industry couldn’t get any bigger, the total amount of Colorado weed sales were over $125 million.

Colorado Weed Sales

From spilling your stash on the carpet to clogging up your piece, here are nine all-too-real struggles all weed smokers will understand.


Cannabis edibles company, Dixie Elixir has released a delicious new limited edition memorial root beer, the LEBRE which helps support a worthy cause.

Root Beer

From the moment they first wake up to the time they lay down to go to sleep, there are stoners that have no limits when it comes to how often they toke.

smoke weed

Father’s Day only comes once a year. If you want to show lots of love to the stoner dad in your life, do it one of these awesome weed-friendly gift ideas.

Father's Day

One vaporizer company has evolved to the point where terpene release is more of an art than a science. Be a Terpene Connoisseur with Linx Vapor.


When a person uses cannabis, once or a million times, they are not expecting to hallucinate. Is it possible to hallucinate with cannabis?


If all goes according to plan, July 1st will mark the first day of legal recreational marijuana sales in Las Vegas. How will this affect Sin City?

Las Vegas

If wearing shoes made of hemp isn’t enough for you, these custom RAW Nike Air Force Ones might be the pair of new kicks you’ve been looking for.

RAW Nike Air Force Ones

As recreational use becomes more mainstream, moms are stepping out from the shadows. At the end of the day, moms just want to enjoy a little peace.


The smell of cannabis is welcoming, comforting and relaxing. However, there are some situations when smelling like the loud isn’t such a great thing.


Vivant’s new Alternate loose leaf vaporizer is perfect for new vapers. The device is filled with functionality – plus an extremely affordable price tag


Searching for a weed-friendly sneaker company that goes beyond just slapping on a bunch of pot leaves on a shoe? Chek out 420 Kicks.

420 Kicks

From presidents who fought in wars while high to smoking the ashes of Pac, even those who don’t smoke will find some of these facts about weed fascinating.


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