It seems the police in North Carolina have their priories wrong, as officers are arresting people for having one edible, but ignoring thousands of rapes.

North Carolina

A new study suggests those who use cannabis tend to have higher rates of income and more general satisfaction with their lives.


From choosing ideal strains to what types of highs you should avoid, here is your relationship to weed explained by astrology.


With all the similarities between the Canada and the US, one would assume that they share pretty similar drug policies. But this isn’t the case.

Drug Policy

If you think you’re smoking too much weed, or just looking to make your stash last a bit longer? These tricks to help you discipline your weed usage.

weed usage

It might not be the classic white wedding imagined by most, but a weed wedding will definitely be a day to no one will ever forget.


With the new laws for recreational use of cannabis in California, many parents are left wondering how to address the issue of its use with their children.


Forget waiting for the only plug in an airport terminal, or accepting that your phone is about to die – HandEnergy will charge it with your bare hands.


Are you not happy with the bags of weed you’ve been getting lately? Or, is your budman starting to act sketch? You might need a new dealer.


If you’re new to vaping, or don’t quite understand it, we’re here to answer five of the most common vaporizing questions.


From “Getting lit” on Blue Dream, to wanting friend eggs over pizza, here’s what the next generation of tokers were talking about on 420.


As cannabis continues in its ever-forward march to freedom, a new generation of online headshops have opened their virtual doors for modern consumers.


Why is it so challenging for lawmakers to do their jobs? We are told that legislators at the state level, and federally in Congress, represent us.


Up until now, the NFL’s ban on alcohol advertising had stood ground amid concerns of associating hard liquor with football players in front of young fans.


Toronto is home to many dispensaries that provide safe access to a variety of medical strains, topicals, and so much more.


While pizza has always been a quick and easy, yet delicious option for your munchies, one dispensary has made it possible to eat pizza to get you elevated.


While some of these people are known for other quotes, which live on in recordings that are listened to every day, you might be surprised by others.


Who knew that the Golden Arches could have such a sense of humor and reference weed when advertising its green chili burrito.

Flowermate has made one of the best (and the cheapest!) tri-purpose vaporizers on the market. Here’s what makes the Hybrid X so good.

Hybrid X

Peggy Moore is the owner of Love’s Oven, LLC, a fully licensed medical and retail cannabis-infused products bakery located in Denver, CO.

Peggy Moore

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