From motivating you to tackle the day to easing away your worries, here are 10 reasons why you should start every day with a good wake n bake.

Wake N Bake

Some say that you can’t be a successful person and smoke weed. If you’re a professional that loves weed, then here are 10 things that you’ll understand.


NuggMD has officially expanded their telemedicine service to New York, allowing patients to get their marijuana certification in minutes!


Namaste Vapes now accepts Bitcoin payment across their range of vapes and accessories. Here are five reasons why this is great news for you.

Medical Cannabis Coins

Oreo will pay you half a million dollars to develop the next flavor of America’s favorite cookie. The question is, have you got the “white stuff”?


Neighbors of a Colorado cannabis farmer can sue for the dank weed smell that could lower their property values, a federal appeals court has ruled.


Dom Gentile is the guy who supports medical marijuana. That’s seriously progressive for a Republican senator from the Heart of Dixie.

Dom Gentile

So, does becoming a parent mean you’ll quit smoking? If you’re a parent, you’ll already know the answer, but a study shows that many will continue to do so.


The New Mexico State Fair’s rules are so strict, a local dispensary couldn’t show a picture of a shovel, a cookie, or a cardboard box.

From Acapulco Gold to Kentucky Blue and Hairy Ones, there are a lot of slang terms for weed, which the DEA collated in its latest field bulletin.

Slang Terms

There are over a hundred ways to smoke weed. While most pot smokers can certainly notice a difference with some methods, others depend on the person.


These 11 movies aren’t just stoner movies, but good movies in general. You don’t need to be elevated to watch any of the listed titles, but it helps.


Lawmakers and sun-grown farmers are at a key juncture in setting up the legislative and regulatory framework for adult-use cannabis in California next year.


When it comes to weed lingo, the list seems endless. However, since you’re a beginner weed smoker, all you need to know for now are the basics.

weed smoker

From job opportunities to its proven medical benefits and tax money, here are 10 reasons why the stigma of using cannabis is melting.

If you’re pulled over by the cops and you have weed, here are four things to say to cops to help save your butt from a possession charge.

Possession Charge

There are three levels of a weed high: buzzed, high, and stoned. While they all sound the same, they each come with their own effects.

Stoned Right Now

From the sales of cannabis to clean energy, Colorado is leading the United States. It looks set to continue if the federal government doesn’t intervene.


For decades, bongs have helped us make healthier smoking choices. Or at least we thought so. Bongs filter smoke without compromising the THC high, right?


Since cannabis dependence is much less severe than that of other dependencies, defining it has become a tricky task for many researchers.

cannabis dependence

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