A lot changes when you go from being a teenager toker to an adult smoker, including what you smoke, how you smoke it, and why.


If the state passes Assembly Bill 582, women with dysmenorrhea will be able to use medical cannabis to relieve their cramps.


If you haven’t jumped on the dab train yet, and are hesitant to explore the world of concentrates, we have some tips for you.


Essentially, a popper bong is like a regular bong, but instead of hitting weed, a popper bong allows you to take a hit of a spliff-type mixture.

Popper Bong

Concerns about where the weed is coming from and what types of people the teen is hanging around are all legitimate concerns for any parent.


Gone are the days of waiting around for edibles to take hold. Rapid-release edibles are changing the way cannabis lovers consume.

From getting too high or not high at all, for the first time tokers, there are a lot of things that can happen after those first few tokes.

First Time

As it turns out, there are a few stark differences biologically as well as behaviorally when it comes to how THC is processed by the body.

From having a coworker call you out for smelling like dank to showing up too stoned, here are 12 things you’ll understand if you get high before work.


Every stoner knows that there are a million hacks for getting high, including these 5 unusual stoner hacks that even the most elevated will use.

Unusual Stoner Hacks

Whether it’s having people over or smoking up at a party, here are ten ways to make sure you’re a good social smoker who’s invited back for more sessions.

Other countries have far more users, but according to the 2017 Global Drug Survey, one country loves smoking weed with a bong more than any other.


A growing segment of the senior population, older women, are now getting into the cannabis industry as a means of providing effective medicinal cannabis

In spite of all the anti-pot propaganda out there spouting off false information, pot withdrawal symptoms are indeed real for some of us.

Withdrawal Symptoms

Arizer just released the Solo II, and it’s amazing. Here’s why this may be the best new portable vaporizer on the market.

Man smoking Arizer Solo II

If the federal government doesn’t interfere, the cannabis industry will continue to grow and flourish, which could see sales reaching $17 billion.

Green Rush

This international drugs survey has given an up-to-date glimpse into how people from other countries around the world enjoy cannabis.

If you needed more proof that the weed industry was thriving, look no further than the fact that, if legalized, weed would outsell ice cream.

Ice Cream

New roadside cannabis breathalyzers are being prepped to enter the final stages of testing, and they have some serious financial backing.

Cannabis Breathalyzers

Yup, weed porn is a thing, and it’s more popular than you may think. In case you’re curious, here are seven things to know about weed porn.

weed porn

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